Wake County Schools

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    Is Wake County’s School System White Supremacist?

    NC State business professor Dr. Bart Danielsen asks that question in a thoughtful post on his blog, The Green Apples.  With his permission, I have reposted the piece here.   SYMPTOMS OF A PROBLEM: Growing up in Georgia in the 60s and 70s, I learned about…
    Terry Stoops, June 26, 2020
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    Wake teachers angry that superintendent allows supervisors/central office to work from home

    Wake County teachers are irate that Superintendent Cathy Moore is allowing supervisors, including those who work in the central office, to work from home while teachers, school-based administrators, and staff are exposed to children and adults who may carry coronavirus. A Wake County teacher sent a screenshot of the superintendent’s…
    Terry Stoops, March 13, 2020
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    Student compares North Carolina and West Virginia schools

    From an article published in The Register-Herald (Beckley, West Virginia): “My opinion of West Virginia’s state of education is a bit of an unpopular one,” [West Virginia University student Christyana] Jones said. “I spent the majority of my academic career in North Carolina. I grew up in Raleigh, the…
    Terry Stoops, October 23, 2019
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    Teacher responses to “diversity inventory” assignment are appalling

    Yesterday, I mentioned the controversy over a “diversity inventory” assignment given to 10th graders at Heritage High School in Wake County. Today, I am reading through some Facebook responses from public school teachers.  While most teachers do not appear to object to the “diversity inventory” itself, many objected to…
    Terry Stoops, August 30, 2019
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    Parent of Heritage H.S. student concerned about “diversity inventory” assignment

    A 10th grade English teacher at Heritage High School in Wake County distributed a “diversity inventory” to students in her class.  A concerned parent posted an image of the assignment on Facebook. It’s not clear how the teacher planned to use the information or the origin of the worksheet, but…
    Terry Stoops, August 29, 2019
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    Wake school board should intervene in lawsuit against critic

    WTVD has the details of the lawsuit against MVP curriculum critic Blain Dillard, A parent whose child goes to a high school in the Wake County Public School System has been sued after criticizing the math curriculum used in the district. Utah-based “Mathematics Vision Project” or “MVP,” filed a lawsuit…
    Terry Stoops, July 31, 2019
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    Wake County getting back into the diversity game

    The Wake County school board is considering using assignment policies and other initiatives to address resegregation in the school system. For years, the members of the school board have refused to return to the strategy of assigning students to create “healthy schools,” that is, schools that do not exceed a…
    Terry Stoops, July 17, 2019
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    They fought the schools and the schools won

    Parents who are dissatisfied with Wake County’s high school math program, the MVP Math Curriculum, mounted a good-faith effort to convince the school board to adopt a math curriculum that addressed their concerns.  The News & Observer has the details. Wake County school leaders stood by the district’s use of…
    Terry Stoops, June 19, 2019