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    Republicans on pace to overtake Democrats in North Carolina in 2026

    Much has been made of the rise of the unaffiliated voter in North Carolina. Based on what I have seen on the John Locke Foundation’s Voter Registration Changes webpage, I project that unaffiliated voters will likely surpass Democrats to become the largest…
    Andy Jackson, August 30, 2021
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    Green, Constitution Parties Removed from Voter Rolls

    It finally happened. As seen on the Carolina Elections Voter Registration Changes page, there are no longer any Constitution or Green Party registrations on the voter rolls in North Carolina. The North Carolina State Board of Elections (SBE) changed the 5,542 Constitution Party and 4,047 Green…
    Andy Jackson, June 21, 2021
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    North Carolina voter registration changes tell a vivid story

    Which political parties are seeing voter registration declines in North Carolina? Locke’s Andy Jackson has posted this week’s changes: Democrats:    -2,827 Republicans: -3,320 Libertarians:       -34 Unaffiliated:  -1,351 He notes that the Republican Party is suffering losses in the post-Jan. 6 period. The well-publicized drop in…
    Donna Martinez, February 26, 2021
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    Voter registration data: The “purge” is almost over and the Republican bleed off continues

    I update our voter registration changes page every Monday. Here are this week’s changes: Democrats:    -2,827 Republicans: -3,320 Libertarians:       -34 Unaffiliated:  -1,351 Here are a couple of notes from this week’s update. The biennial voter registration “purge” is almost over. North Carolina’s biennial voter registration list…
    Andy Jackson, February 22, 2021
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    Think You Know What’s Going On With NC Voter Registration? Maybe. Or Maybe Not.

    Which of these statements accurately reflects the state of voter registration in North Carolina? In September, the GOP officially became the third-largest group of registered voters in North Carolina, as the number of unaffiliated voters surpassed Republican registration for the first time. In September, the North Carolina Republican Party…
    Donna Martinez, September 20, 2017