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    Religious makeup of the new U.S. Congress

    As the new U.S. Congress begins its work, Pew Research Center has created an interesting graphic to illustrate the religious makeup of the body. (see below). While about a quarter (26%) of U.S. adults are religiously unaffiliated – describing themselves as atheist, agnostic or “nothing in particular” – just…
    Donna Martinez, January 12, 2021
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    Meet the New Members of the U.S. Congress

    Interesting graphical piece from the New York Times, which introduces us to 101 newly elected members of the U.S. Congress — Senate and House. There are 10 new senators and 101 new congressmen/women. The paper breaks the class down graphically by party, military background and more. For example:…
    Donna Martinez, November 29, 2018
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    Who Will Replace Paul Ryan?

    Paul Ryan has said no to another run for Congress. So what does that mean for the race to replace Ryan as House Speaker? And what if the Democrats take the Congress in November? Who’s lining up to bang the gavel for the Dems? Mitch Kokai assesses the race during…
    Donna Martinez, April 23, 2018