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    Supply and demand at work in New Hanover County

    New Hanover County Schools officials plan to raise pay for bus drivers in response to an ongoing shortage of qualified drivers.  WWAY reports, Big changes are on the way for New Hanover County bus drivers. At a meeting Tuesday night, the school board voted to raise the pay for…
    Terry Stoops, November 7, 2019
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    Joe Coletti Makes Triangle Business Journal Story About Transportation Funding

    Friday’s NC First Commission panel featured JLF Senior Fellow Joe Coletti in a discussion of transportation funding and tax policy. That’s Joe in the upper right corner of the screen in the tweet below. Triangle Business Journal reported on the discussion (subscription required). Here’s part of the story’s…
    Donna Martinez, September 5, 2019
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    Looking For a Job? Market For Last-Mile Deliveries is Booming

    I enjoy watching changes in consumer buying behavior and the adapting marketplace. It’s the classic scenario of ‘find a need and fill it.’ Smart entrepreneurs will always have their eye toward emerging trends. Today comes the story of how the transportation industry is booming due to demand for so-called…
    Donna Martinez, January 10, 2019
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    JLF’s Becki Gray: Don’t Take on New Debt Without First Asking Taxpayers

    It’s called the N.C. Build of Act of 2018, and it’s generating analysis from JLF’s Becki Gray, and questions for every North Carolinian. Introduced last week as Senate Bill 758 and House Bill 1010, the proposal is for a 10-year, $3-billion bond for road construction across the state.
    Donna Martinez, June 4, 2018
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    At South by Southwest, Raleigh Mayor Predicts the Future

    Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane has been at the South by Southwest event. She and other mayors were asked to think about the future, as Governing reports. Not all the predictions were optimistic. Raleigh, N.C., Mayor Nancy McFarlane predicted that with population growth outstripping road capacity in her area, drones…
    Donna Martinez, March 13, 2018
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    Gridlock in Manhattan: Should It Cost More To Drive Into NYC?

    It’s so crowded in Manhattan that taxis average less than 5 miles per hour. You can probably walk faster than that. Since the likelihood of New York City shedding appreciable numbers of residents is slim, here’s what is being proposed, as Governing reports. One day soon, drivers in…
    Donna Martinez, February 21, 2018
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    State Has Spent More Than $4 Million, But Is CSX Rail Hub Still On?

    Carolina Journal provides us an update on the Carolina Connector project in Edgecombe County. While state officials say they are not aware that CSX has changed its plans to build a $272 million rail hub in Edgecombe County, a company spokesman says new leaders at the rail giant are…
    Donna Martinez, November 7, 2017
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    The Biggest Unreported Story About GOP Governance Since 2010

    From syndicated columnist John Hood, writing in the August issue of Business North Carolina, comes data that may surprise many folks.  The new state budget allocates $3.7 billion in gas and car taxes and fees to highways and other transportation expenditures in 2017-18, with $3.8 billion authorized for 2018-19. That…
    Donna Martinez, August 25, 2017