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    CMS administrator wants expanded telehealth to stay

    In a live virtual event for STAT, CMS administrator Seema Verma affirmed her support for a post-COVID world where telehealth and telemedicine enjoy the same widespread usage as they are now during the pandemic. Casy Ross from STAT News writes, President Trump’s top Medicare official said Tuesday…
    Jordan Roberts, June 10, 2020
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    JLF’s Jordan Roberts Discusses Telemedicine on NC State’s “First in Future”

    On June 2, NC State University’s Institute for Emerging Issues published an episode of their podcast, “First in Future,” with JLF’s Jordan Roberts as a guest. Roberts and podcast host Leslie Boney discussed Roberts’ recent paper on telemedicine in collaboration with the Brookings Institution. Roberts’ paper addresses…
    Brenee Goforth, June 4, 2020
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    How to Bolster Telemedicine Post-Coronavirus

    JLF’s Jordan Roberts recently published a research paper in conjunction with the Brookings Institution. In the paper, Roberts and his coauthors, Dr. Nichol Turner Lee and Dr. Jack Karsten of the Center for Technology Innovation, discuss removing regulatory barriers to telehealth services following the coronavirus outbreak. Roberts explains the…
    Brenee Goforth, May 13, 2020
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    JLF’s Jordan Roberts Discusses Telemedicine in Brookings Institution Webinar

    On Wednesday, May 6, JLF’s Jordan Roberts joined Dr. Nichol Turner Lee of the Brookings Institution, Ross Friedberg of Doctor on Demand, and Dana Lichtenberg of the American Medical Association for a discussion of telehealth before and after COVID-19. To open the webinar, Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal…
    Brenee Goforth, May 7, 2020
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    How to Free Up Telemedicine During the COVID-19 Outbreak: Roberts in the Fayetteville Observer

    This week, the Fayetteville Observer published a piece written by Jordan Roberts of the John Locke Foundation and Josh Archambault from the Foundation for Government Accountability. The piece discussed the importance of telemedicine during this time and the need to reduce barriers to telemedicine. The authors write: We need flexibility…
    Brenee Goforth, April 10, 2020
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    JLF’s Brenée Goforth Shares Importance of Telemedicine in The Washington Times

    On Friday, March 20, JLF’s Communications Associate, Brenée Goforth, published an opinion piece in The Washington Times about how expanding telemedicine could help prepare America for the next Coronavirus. Goforth explains that the expanded use of telemedicine could help people receive care faster by reducing wait times for emergency rooms…
    Brenee Goforth, March 23, 2020
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    COVID-19: What’s Been Done, What More The State Should Do

    The John Locke Foundation’s research team is putting out a package of policy recommendations focused on the Coronavirus this week. The schedule of policy briefs is as follows: Monday: (1) Health Care and (2) the State Budget Tuesday: (3) K-12 Education…
    Brenee Goforth, March 17, 2020
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    Rolling Back Restrictive Regulations: Health Care

    The health care industry has undergone many major changes in the 21st century, but North Carolina’s rules and regulations haven’t kept up. That is the theme of JLF’s Jordan Roberts’ most recent opinion piece featured in Carolina Journal. Roberts writes: In any given sector of the American economy, there will…
    Brenee Goforth, February 17, 2020