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    NEA: NC 37th for teacher pay, 39th for per-pupil spending

    WRAL’s  Kelly Hinchcliffe reports, North Carolina ranks 37th in the nation for average teacher pay, according to estimates released Monday by the National Education Association. The ranking is an estimate and can be revised later based on updated data. Last year, NEA estimated that North Carolina was…
    Terry Stoops, April 23, 2018
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    Do Republicans and Democrats really agree on education issues?

    The latest High Point University Poll concludes that “NC Republicans and Democrats agree on education issues.”  That’s news to me. After an examination of the poll, I suspect the supposed agreement is a consequence of the pollsters’ decision to focus on benefits and not costs.  For example, Q: The…
    Terry Stoops, March 9, 2018
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    Average teacher salary in N.C. surges to $51,000+

    This week, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction released Highlights of the North Carolina Public School Budget 2018.  The report indicates that the average base salary is now $51,214, an increase of $1,245 or 2 percent over the year before. It is important to recognize that the average salary…
    Terry Stoops, March 2, 2018
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    Is National Board Certification worth the investment?

    In a January 18 press release, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI) proudly declared that NC Ranks 1st in National Board Certified Teachers. According to the release, nearly 21,500 teachers in North Carolina, 21.6 percent of the teacher workforce, have attained certification through the National Board for Professional…
    Terry Stoops, February 15, 2018
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    Study: Performance bonuses provide additional four weeks of learning

    Mathematica Policy Research shows us the way: In 2006, Congress established the Teacher Incentive Fund (TIF), which provides grants to support performance-based compensation systems for teachers and principals in high-need schools. Under a contract with the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, Mathematica recently completed a…
    Terry Stoops, January 11, 2018
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    Questions about salaries in teacher housing story

    Herald Sun reporter Greg Childress begins his deeply flawed article about subsidized teacher housing with a mention of “beginning teacher’s salary.”  He writes, For Deja Young, the rent for an apartment near The Streets at Southpoint is a bit of stretch on her beginning teacher’s salary of about $35,000.
    Terry Stoops, October 9, 2017
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    Teacher compensation average is over $64,500

    The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction released their state allotment information for the 2017-18 school year.  The spreadsheets they provide are chock-full of data. Teacher compensation breaks down like this: $47,034 – salary (based on the 6th pay period of the 2016-17 school year)…
    Terry Stoops, July 11, 2017
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    Republicans continue to invest in teachers

    The National Education Association released “Rankings and Estimates: Rankings of the States 2016 and Estimates of School Statistics 2017” on Wednesday.  According to the report, North Carolina’s unadjusted average teacher pay is ranked 35th out of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.  This is a huge improvement…
    Terry Stoops, May 11, 2017