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    Snapshot of the Day: Why Your Paycheck Is Bigger

    Thanks to the Republican leadership of the General Assembly, North Carolinians are seeing our day-to-day hard work pay off in a very tangible way: multi-year North Carolina tax reform that results in more money in our paychecks, making life a little bit easier to manage. Dr. Roy Cordato gives…
    Donna Martinez, February 19, 2020
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    A Modest Proposal for Pro-Growth Capital Gains Tax Reform

    It’s double taxation, it’s unfair, and North Carolina should do something about it. From Roy Cordato comes this commentary about much-needed capital gains tax reform. Here’s why: In North Carolina, capital gains are taxed the same as regular, wage income – at a flat rate of 5.25 percent. Under…
    Donna Martinez, January 15, 2019
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    Attention Baby Boomers: Millennials Don’t Like You

    Whenever I fret over the $20 trillion-plus federal debt and what it means for future generations, I have to remind myself that, like many of today’s Millennials, I wasn’t tuned into heavy policy issues at that age either. Then comes this poll, as reported by Axios, and I wonder…
    Donna Martinez, April 26, 2018
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    Next Move For North Carolina: Abolish The Capital Gains Tax

    Recent federal tax reforms are similar to tax reforms implemented by North Carolina in 2013. Problem is, writes JLF’s Roy Cordato, both the state and the feds have so far failed to reform the double taxation known as capital gains. Time for North Carolina to take the lead…
    Donna Martinez, February 13, 2018
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    WRAL: Docs Show NC’s Low Tax Rates Were Key Feature of Auto Plant Pitch

    WRAL’s Tyler Dukes reports on details that have been revealed about North Carolina’s pitch for a new auto plant. A key component: North Carolina’s low tax rates. Dukes reports on the documents: “Seeing as other states may have a higher face-value to their incentive package, someone (maybe the Secretary)…
    Donna Martinez, February 7, 2018
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    US News Points to North Carolina as Tax Reform Done Right

    Writing for US News, Jared Walczak explains why North Carolina is a model for tax reform. North Carolina’s overhaul of its tax code yielded the most dramatic improvement in the “State Business Tax Climate Index’s” history, with the state’s ranking improving from 41st to 11th since 2013. More significantly,…
    Donna Martinez, November 2, 2017
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    Tax Foundation Comparison Offers New Ammo For Tax Reformers

    The folks at the Tax Foundation just released their annual International Tax Competitiveness Index, giving conservatives and entrepreneurs new ammunition in their call to reform and streamline the U.S. tax code. The United States ranked 30th of the 35 nations in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, with…
    Rick Henderson, October 31, 2017
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    How Do You Define Tax Fairness?

    This is a must-read piece from John Hood about approaches to taxation — plus some valuable data. Among taxpaying households, the bottom 20 percent pays about 15 percent of their income in federal, state, and local taxes. The next quintile pays about 19 percent. The middle quintile pays 23…
    Donna Martinez, October 11, 2017