tax cuts

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    Senate Approves Tax Relief Bill

    Pop quiz: Should decisions about how the money you earn is spent be decided by: A) You and your loved ones in kitchen table conversations, or B) In committee meetings in Raleigh by self-interested politicians who have never met you That question is at the heart of every debate about…
    Brian Balfour, June 10, 2021
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    KY superintendent wrong about tax cuts

    Nicholas Brake, superintendent of the Owensboro Independent School District in Kentucky, published an op-ed in Education Week titled, “Want to Support Public Schools? Stop Cutting Taxes.”  Brake writes, The fiscal policies being pursued in many states—and at the national level with the tax plan recently signed by the president—are…
    Terry Stoops, April 27, 2018
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    Let’s Be Very Cautious About Carve-Outs

    The Winston-Salem Journal reports that a component of the recently passed federal tax cut plan would allow states to carve out low-income areas for special treatment. Low-income census tracts are areas where the poverty rate is 20 percent or greater, and/or family income is less than 80 percent of…
    Donna Martinez, February 23, 2018
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    WRAL: Docs Show NC’s Low Tax Rates Were Key Feature of Auto Plant Pitch

    WRAL’s Tyler Dukes reports on details that have been revealed about North Carolina’s pitch for a new auto plant. A key component: North Carolina’s low tax rates. Dukes reports on the documents: “Seeing as other states may have a higher face-value to their incentive package, someone (maybe the Secretary)…
    Donna Martinez, February 7, 2018
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    “That kind of populism Ronald Reagan would have choked on”

    Good interview with Steve Forbes on CNBC, who discusses prospects for federal tax reform and/or tax cuts. Pay close attention to what he says about word that a key Trump advisor wants a tax HIKE for higher earners. Watch the Forbes interview here. And what about in North…
    Donna Martinez, August 8, 2017