Superintendent of Public Instruction

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    State Board and State Superintendent at it again

    The Charlotte Observer has the details: The State Board of Education is trying to put new rules on Superintendent Mark Johnson following his controversial decision to award an emergency contract of more than $900,000 to use a testing program. State board members have questioned Johnson’s decision last…
    Terry Stoops, February 6, 2020
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    NC Democrats want to limit school choice

    “Democrats who want to lead NC schools are critical of vouchers, charter schools,” is the headline of an article describing a meeting of the N.C. Caucus of Black School Board Members that included Democratic candidates for superintendent of public instruction. Here are direct quotes from the candidates: N.C. State…
    Terry Stoops, October 7, 2019
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    PTA members triggered by news that Mark Johnson will speak at convention

    Is this what the PTA has become? God forbid that PTA leaders would invite the elected leader of North Carolina public schools. From N.C. Teachers United:…
    Terry Stoops, May 17, 2019
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    State superintendent salaries: Mark Johnson is 36th in the nation

    Education Week collected state superintendent salaries for all 50 states and Washington, D.C. North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson’s salary of $127,561 was a bit on the low side – 36th in the nation. It is also far below the national average of $174,000 a year.  Interestingly,…
    Terry Stoops, November 1, 2017
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    Johnson wins but governance questions remain

    On Friday, a three-judge Superior Court panel sided with Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson in a lawsuit brought by the N.C. State Board of Education over a 2016 General Assembly statute that transferred certain powers from the State Board to the State Superintendent.  The judges delayed Implementation and…
    Terry Stoops, July 17, 2017
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    State Superintendent June Atkinson farewell remarks

    June and I have had our share of differences through the years.  But those differences never became personal.  Most differences of opinion really shouldn’t.  In fact, “important” policy debates and political disagreements often took a backseat to a discussion of my boys’ teachers or my wife’s middle school. I always…
    Terry Stoops, December 2, 2016
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    Hess: “Education Is So Far Left, It Can’t Really See the Right”

    Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute and the Rick Hess: Straight Up blog drops some knowledge. My point is not that my friends on the left are necessarily wrong. It’s that we live in a big, diverse nation and people can honestly disagree on big questions.
    Terry Stoops, November 21, 2016
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    Friday fun: NC history exam

    I was in the process of writing a scathing commentary on Bill Harrison’s comparison between Great Depression and Great Recession education spending when I came across the elementary school matching test below. It is from “North Carolina: Suggestions for Applying the Social Studies” (State Superintendent of Public Instruction, 1939). …
    Terry Stoops, November 16, 2012