State Board of Education

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    Mark Johnson accuses State Board of Education members of executing contract illegally

    In a June 11 letter to State Auditor Beth Wood, Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson calls out State Board of Education members Eric Davis and J.B. Buxton for executing a $30,822 contract with the Southern Regional Education Board to study the state accountability system. Johnson writes, I write you…
    Terry Stoops, June 17, 2020
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    State audit finds serious problems at the Department of Public Instruction

    The Office of the State Auditor released the Statewide Single Audit Report yesterday.  Findings related to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction include: The Department did not effectively monitor spending of the Title I, Part A22 subawards provided to local education agencies (LEA) and charter schools (collectively called subrecipients).
    Terry Stoops, April 30, 2020
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    State awards additional $59,400 to sex ed advocacy group

    SHIFT NC, which seeks to “improve adolescent and young adult sexual health,” will receive an additional $59,400 in federal funds from the N.C. State Board of Education. Combined with the $211,600 contract awarded in 2016, the total received for this contract is $271,000. The description of the amendment to the…
    Terry Stoops, February 22, 2018
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    N.C. Court of Appeals: State Board rules require review

    In a split decision, the N.C. Court of Appeals ruled that the State Board of Education, like other state agencies, is subject to the rules review process authorized by the Administrative Procedures Act (APA) and administered by the Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) and the Rules Review Commission. For years,…
    Terry Stoops, September 19, 2017
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    Details of education department cuts emerge

    WRAL reports that the State Board of Education approved their initial cuts to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (DPI) budget.  The $2.5 million in cuts were mandated by the General Assembly in an effort to reduce the state’s sizable public education bureaucracy. Measures that will reduce overhead expenditures…
    Terry Stoops, July 25, 2017
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    Johnson wins but governance questions remain

    On Friday, a three-judge Superior Court panel sided with Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson in a lawsuit brought by the N.C. State Board of Education over a 2016 General Assembly statute that transferred certain powers from the State Board to the State Superintendent.  The judges delayed Implementation and…
    Terry Stoops, July 17, 2017
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    NC Constitution and SBE appointments

    According to a recent article about the failure of the General Assembly to approve Governor Perdue’s appointments to the State Board of Education, …ignoring the appointments for more than a year runs counter to what the state Constitution intends and how the state should be run, said Phil Kirk,…
    Terry Stoops, June 13, 2012
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    New charter schools approved

    Today, the State Board of Education determined that nine charter schools approved by the members of the Public Charter School Advisory Council (PCSAC) would receive charters. These so-called “fast-track” charters, the first group of applicants that the PCSAC recommended for state approval, will allow these nine schools to begin operation…
    Terry Stoops, March 1, 2012