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    House tax plan might “cut cut cut cut cut” stadium deals

    It didn’t grab headlines, but the House tax reform plan due out today includes a nugget free-marketeers should find encouraging. From the Wall Street Journal (behind the paywall): Tax-exempt bonds could no longer be used to build professional sports stadiums. That’s right. One major tool attracting public subsidies for…
    Rick Henderson, November 2, 2017
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    Stadiums are liabilities

    Julie Tisdale, in her newest report on competing bids to bring Major League Soccer to North Carolina,  highlights one of the big mistakes people make when considering buildings, roads, and other infrastructure. Usually, under publicly funded stadium plans across the country, the city or county retains ownership of the…
    Joseph Coletti, August 4, 2017
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    Re: Football incentives

    I just thought I’d add to our discussion of the Charlotte City Council’s closed-door, screw-you-taxpayers, cronyistic stadium deal for the Great Pro Football Franchise That Is Too Big to Fail, Except on the Field. Our City/County Issue Guide has warned against local governments “subsidizing or outright funding…
    Jon Sanders, January 16, 2013