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    Special interests love the status quo in health care

    Have you ever wondered why, despite glaring problems in our health care system, nothing ever really changes? Despite astronomically high prices for prescription drugs, unaffordable insurance, surprise bills, massive hospital consolidation, no members of Congress can do anything. The answer is simple: health care special interests like the status quo.
    Jordan Roberts, July 25, 2019
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    How The Special Interest Effect Works

    You may have heard of “the special interest effect,” but what is it really? Dr. Roy Cordato explains in this report. The special interest effect focuses on the relationship between legislators and interest groups and is invoked to explain why, over time, the legislative process will tend to…
    Donna Martinez, August 30, 2017
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    Liberal Special Interests to Pick Judges

    There’s an effort driven by the North Carolina Bar Association to try and eliminate the election of judges and replace it by having liberal special interest groups pick judges. As I have written, there was a constitutional amendment (SB 548) proposed to do this, but fortunately it…
    Daren Bakst, January 6, 2012
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    No More Elections for Appellate Judges?

    The North Carolina Bar Association has been floating a plan (apparently codified in SB 458) that would no longer allow North Carolinians to vote for appellate court judges. As the Winston-Salem Journal explains, the legislature may move in September to change the judicial elections process. The common complaint…
    Daren Bakst, September 8, 2011