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    Shaftesbury Society Returns: Join Us Monday, Jan. 8

    In this presentation, Professor Julie Mell will speak on her new book, The Myth of the Medieval Jewish Moneylender, (Palgrave, 2017-8.) This book challenges a common historical narrative, which portrays medieval Jews as moneylenders who filled an essential economic role in Europe. It traces how and why this narrative was constructed as…
    Donna Martinez, January 1, 2018
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    How Prevalent is Corporate Welfare in NC?

    Join us today at noon for a presentation by Donald Bryson of Americans For Prosperity. Save your seat.
    Donna Martinez, October 9, 2017
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    Care About Competition and Innovation? Join Us Monday.

    Imagine you’re a doctor trying to deliver quality, affordable eye care and eye surgery to your patients. What happens when you run up against North Carolina’s Certificate-of-Need laws? Dr. Jay Singleton will give his firsthand account on Monday. Save your seat here.
    Donna Martinez, September 27, 2017
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    Today at Noon at JLF: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly Of NC’s Public Records Law

    Don’t miss Elliot Engstrom today at JLF — 12 Noon. Save your seat here. North Carolina’s Public Records Act provides for public access to government records. In pursuit of a general policy of openness, the Act lays out a process for requesting and, when necessary, suing for access to…
    Donna Martinez, September 25, 2017
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    Join Us Monday, Sept. 11 For a Fascinating Look at the Diamond Network

    In this presentation, Professor Barak Richman will discuss his new book, Stateless Commerce: The Diamond Network and the Persistence of Relational Exchange. The book uses the colorful case study of the diamond industry to explore how ethnic trading networks operate and why they persist in the twenty-first century. How, for example,…
    Donna Martinez, September 5, 2017
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    You’re Invited: Why John Locke Is Relevant Today

    Join Us Monday, August 28 Save Your Seat Here Much of the attention of scholars has focused on two of Locke’s works–The Second Treatise and the Letter on Toleration. And these are indeed important. But an almost unknown work of Locke, “Venditio,” provides some fascinating insights into just how modern…
    Donna Martinez, August 14, 2017
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    Join Us Monday, August 21

    Kella Hatcher will discuss the history and mission of the North Carolina Child Fatality Task Force, a legislative study commission that brings together agency leaders, legislators, and experts in child health and safety to examine the causes of child death and recommend policies and funding that can save children’s lives. Save your…
    Donna Martinez, August 8, 2017