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    Don’t “inoculate” us against low-cost, sustainable, efficient, readily dispatchable energy

    From Carolina Journal this morning, a truly obtuse quotation from a Republican: “We talk about mandates. We talk about subsidies. We talk about all these other things. But polio vaccines are mandates. Anybody here think that’s a bad idea?” state Rep. Charles Jeter, R-Mecklenburg, said during the news conference.
    Jon Sanders, September 14, 2015
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    Civitas: OK, WRAL, let’s play your game, but let’s do it completely

    Civitas’ Susan Myrick shows all the reductio ad hominem that WRAL’s ridiculously Koch-obsessed report missed. Turns out, there was a bunch. Myrick’s report gives “the rest of the story: the left-leaning groups and rich people who fund the solar and wind power lobby for their own profit.” As…
    Jon Sanders, September 11, 2015
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    WRAL: Reductio ad Kocham

    Apparently in the Monopoly game of liberal argumentation, invoking the name of Koch … is treated like drawing a Get Out of Fail Free card. — Yours truly, here, here and here WRAL decided to report on a legislative roundtable exploring issues surrounding North Carolina’s renewable energy…
    Jon Sanders, September 9, 2015
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    Without tax credits, solar survives and competes. Or it fails. Neither is a case for perpetuating the credits.

    The state’s most hyperactive lobby has cranked its rent-seeking antics up to 11 to retain special investment tax credits and the state’s renewable energy portfolio standards (REPS) purchase mandates. The tax credits, which these special-interest lobbyists has made plain as day that their industry absolutely requires them — now, next year,…
    Jon Sanders, September 2, 2015
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    Just another special-interest lobby seeking plunder

    There is a very active special-interest lobby in North Carolina. Dozens upon dozens of its lobbyists are a constant presence at the North Carolina General Assembly. What do they want?
    Jon Sanders, August 27, 2015
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    The fourth enemy of renewable energy: physics

    Nature, economics, math, and also physics. My newsletter discusses the importance of Mark P. Mills’ extensive discussion in Forbes of renewable energy generation and the “weird” physics of electricity. In brief, what makes electricity weird is that it has to be consumed at the moment it is generated. In…
    Jon Sanders, August 20, 2015
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    Three enemies of wind and solar: nature, economics, and simple math

    My newsletter today explains. Following are just the top four bullet points: The renewable energy sources (wind and solar) aren’t a one-for-one tradeoff for traditional resources (coal, gas, nuclear). Wind and solar are far less efficient than traditional resources. It’s more of a one-third to one-fourth for one tradeoff. Furthermore, wind…
    Jon Sanders, August 17, 2015
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    And another crony needs lawmakers to keep paying them for unsustainable energy

    Not long ago I posted and then almost immediately had to repost this: …[T]he special interests, the moneyed interests, the big business getting in bed with legislators for special favors (where are the media? oh, in the same bed) … [are putting] all their money and ever-growing phalanx of lobbyists to use.
    Jon Sanders, August 7, 2015