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    A low-cost energy source that lowers rates and CO2 emissions, to boot

    That would be natural gas. Because of technological change in natural gas exploration, our rates are falling, on net (offsetting increases owing to the REPS law): Also falling: carbon dioxide emissions, as the federal Energy Information Administration has shown is mostly because of change to natural…
    Jon Sanders, May 26, 2016
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    Re: States that support ‘green’ energy tend to have higher electric bills

    I can hear them now, Mitch. They’ll be saying but not North Carolina, because “we have some of the lowest electricity rates around.” It’s a well-rehearsed statement, and it’s true. But its intent is to deceive, as you can see from this chart: Crediting REPS for NC’s…
    Jon Sanders, May 10, 2016
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    ‘Renewables are incapable of replacing hydrocarbons at scale’

    This isn’t news to Locker Room readers (some recent examples), but I’m glad to read this in The Hill this week from Kathleen Hartnett White. Here’s a brief snippet, with the understanding that there is plenty more where this comes from: Policymakers intent on imposing a…
    Jon Sanders, March 31, 2016
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    Examining the Sierra Club claim that renewable energy is “least cost”

    My newsletter yesterday examines a quotation in the Asheville Citizen-Times from a Sierra Club representative unhappy with the Utilities Commission giving approval to Duke Energy’s plan for converting one of its coal plants to natural gas: Emma Greenbaum, North Carolina organizing representative for Sierra Club, said she is pleased the commission turned…
    Jon Sanders, March 3, 2016
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    REPS: Burning coal is bad for the environment. Burn trees instead.

    Did you know that the renewable energy portfolio standards law was not passed as a jobs program? The renewable energy lobby would like you to think that’s what it’s for. But actually, the law had four stated purposes: Diversify the resources used to reliably meet the energy needs of consumers…
    Jon Sanders, March 2, 2016
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    How lobbyists and economic impact studies trick you

    Jobs, jobs, jobs. Jobs are good, right? The economy needs jobs. Now, let’s draw your attention to jobs right here in my industry. If you just give my industry a subsidy, or a special tax break not available to anyone else, especially not my competitors, then you can create jobs…
    Jon Sanders, February 29, 2016
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    Carbon-tax zealots concede: renewable energy may never compete

    Depend upon it: news stories, industry studies, and especially lobbyists’ materials all frame the success and future importance of solar in terms of government programs. Not consumer demand and certainly not lower rates. The same can be said for the other big nondispatchable energy source, wind. — Rights & Regulation…
    Jon Sanders, February 26, 2016
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    ‘MythBusters’ could do a whole season on renewable energy malarkey

    Some takeaways from Dan Way’s Carolina Journal report yesterday: 1. Your facility can get all its electricity from traditional fuel sources and pretend they’re powered by renewable sources. (Media, environmentalists, corporate PR people, and especially renewable energy lobbyists love perpetuating that fiction.) The Duke customer could purchase as much as 100…
    Jon Sanders, January 27, 2016