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    What You Missed: NC Criminal Law Reform Summit

    On Monday, Oct. 21, the John Locke Foundation and the Cato Institute co-hosted the “North Carolina Criminal Law Reform Summit” at the Umstead Hotel and Spa in Cary, North Carolina. The event featured four panels and one keynote on criminal law reform in the state. The schedule included: Why…
    Brenee Goforth, October 23, 2019
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    It’s Time to Reform the N.C. Criminal Code

    This week, JLF’s Mike Schietzelt reported in a research brief on the state of North Carolina’s criminal code. Schietzelt puts forward an ordinance from Lillington, N.C. as an example of the overcomplexity and disorganization of criminal laws in the state. Lillington Ordinance 90.26 reads: 90.26 POSSESSION OF ANIMALS AND STRAYS.
    Brenee Goforth, August 14, 2019
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    Senate sends recodification bill to governor

    With no debate, the Senate passed by a 38-0 vote the amended version of Senate Bill 584, Criminal Law Reform. As Carolina Journal reported, the measure would prevent local governments from creating new misdemeanors without the General Assembly’s approval. Bill sponsor Sen. Andy Wells, R-Catawba, called the measure…
    Rick Henderson, August 6, 2019
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    CJ Reports: Bill would block cities and counties from creating new crimes

    According to Leonard Robinson III’s most recent article in Carolina Journal, the House Rules Committee reported favorably on Senate Bill 584, a criminal recodification bill. Robinson reports: Senate Bill 584, if passed, would require more oversight on criminalization from the General Assembly. The legislation requires all criminal penalties to…
    Brenee Goforth, August 6, 2019
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    North State Journal Runs Criminal Justice Piece by JLF’s Mike Schietzelt

    This week, North State Journal ran an opinion piece by John Locke Foundation’s Mike Schietzelt. Schietzelt’s piece centered on North Carolina’s “poorly drafted criminal laws,” which lead to major inconsistencies in the state’s justice system. Schietzelt explains: Thousands of crimes are scattered across untold pages of state statutes, regulations and…
    Brenee Goforth, July 11, 2019
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    Wilkes Journal-Patriot Publishes Commentary by JLF’s Mike Schietzelt

    Writing recently in the Wilkes Journal-Patriot, JLF’s Mike Schietzelt discussed North Carolina’s pressing need for criminal justice reform. North Carolina’s criminal code is a muddled, archaic monstrosity…. Many of these laws predate the American Revolution. And thanks to years of inattention, these laws are scattered throughout thousands of pages of…
    Brenee Goforth, July 8, 2019
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    Our Mike Schietzelt in the Coastland Times: NC’s Criminal Code Is Unfair and Unclear. Let’s Fix It.

    JLF Legal Fellow writes in the Coastland Times about North Carolina’s outdated and messy criminal code. Some in the General Assembly want to clean it up and make it more clear and more fair. Thanks to the 2018 Recodification Working Group bill, we have much of the information we…
    Donna Martinez, July 2, 2019
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    Americans for Tax Reform quotes JLF’s Mike Schietzelt in CJR commentary

    Americans for Tax Reform recently released an article on criminal recodification featuring JLF’s Mike Schietzelt. The article reads: It’s common sense, and important for the integrity of the criminal justice system, that people are not put away because there are too many laws that are vague or impossible for the average…
    Brenee Goforth, July 1, 2019