Rainy Day Fund

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    NASBO: N.C. has largest rainy day fund balance in Southeast

    The National Association of State Budget Officers (NASBO) Fiscal Survey of the States Spring 2018 is out! With a rainy day fund balance of over $1.8 billion, North Carolina has the best funded rainy day fund of any state in the Southeast.  Florida is second with $1.4 billion. North…
    Terry Stoops, June 18, 2018
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    Thanks To Our Rainy-Day Fund, We’ll Be Ready For This

    North Carolina’s rainy-day fund is at an historic high — about $1.8 billion or 8 percent of the budget. As John Hood details, we rank 14th in the nation, with roughly a month’s worth of funds on hand. And that’s set to grow.  This ensures North Carolina can handle…
    Donna Martinez, April 5, 2018
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    North Carolina’s Rainy-Day Fund at Highest Level Ever

    JLF’s Joe Coletti has produced an easy-to-understand analysis of North Carolina’s new General Fund budget for 2017-19. Among the highlights: savings. The General Assembly has created a mechanism to ensure the adequacy of the Savings Reserve Account, instituting mandatory transfers beginning in FY2018-19 and placing restrictions on how its…
    Donna Martinez, July 17, 2017
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    NC can take a lesson from Wyoming

    A new article from Governing, touches on rainy day funds and when it is time to use the funds set aside by state’s. North Carolina put aside millions into its rainy day fund, to offset an unforeseen natural disaster or another recession.  Now the question that must be raised…
    Sarah Curry, September 24, 2015
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    Approach to unexpected tax revenues reveals legislator priorities

    North Carolina’s General Fund revenues for this fiscal year are proving to be higher than anticipated. According to the legislature’s Fiscal Research Division, the 2012 surplus will be $232.5 million. Combine that with a $21 million higher projection for 2013, and legislators have $253.5 million to play with this session…
    Fergus Hodgson, June 14, 2012