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    Is Nikki Haley Running In 2024?

    She’s a smart and decisive defender of individual rights and economic freedom. I see Nikki Haley — former South Carolina governor and Ambassador to the United Nations — as a formidable presidential candidate for the Republicans in 2024. Real Clear Politics is reporting on a move that signals she…
    Donna Martinez, February 21, 2020
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    Election 2020 Snapshot of the Day

    Real Clear Politics is a good resource for polling data. With the Iowa caucus just a few weeks away, check out where things stand for the Democratic candidates. As you’ll see, there are different leaders in different states. What about North Carolina? Five Thirty Eight has a quick…
    Donna Martinez, November 25, 2019
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    Picture of the Day

    Fascinating data from Real Clear Politics.
    Donna Martinez, October 29, 2019
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    Romney names education advisors

    Governor Romney named his education advisors today.  They include the following: Nina S. Rees, Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives at Knowledge Universe Dr. Martin R. West, Assistant, Harvard Graduate School of Education; Executive Editor, Education Next Phil Handy, Chief Executive Officer of…
    Terry Stoops, May 22, 2012