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    Gov. Cooper promotes religious education for preschoolers

    In a round table discussion of the “health care coverage gap,” Gov. Roy Cooper championed faith-based preschools. Participants in the round table included Cassandra Brooks, who owns Little Believers Academies. Little Believers Academies provides a “loving, happy place for young children to learn and grow as we bridge the gap…
    Terry Stoops, May 23, 2019
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    Study: State-funded preschool has “adverse effects on academic achievement”

    From “Effects of the Tennessee Prekindergarten Program on children’s achievement and behavior through third grade,” an article published in Early Childhood Research Quarterly, At the end of pre-k, pre-k participants in the consented subsample performed better than control children on a battery of achievement tests, with non-native English speakers…
    Terry Stoops, July 16, 2018
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    Brookings: Need for more evidence-based pre-K

    Here is an excerpt from an interesting piece on federal Preschool Development Grants (and preschool programs generally) by a fellow at the Brookings Institution, State pre-K, like Head Start, is a program with many staunch advocates and no reliable data demonstrating long-term positive effects. And both pre-K and Head…
    Terry Stoops, July 27, 2016
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    TN study: Pre-K benefits fade by third-grade

    Researchers at Vanderbilt University’s Peabody Research Institute found that gains from participation in the Tennessee Voluntary Prekindergarten (TN-VPK) program did not last. In A Randomized Control Trial of a Statewide Voluntary Prekindergarten Program on Children’s Skills and Behaviors through Third Grade, researchers examined academic and behavioral measures for 1,076…
    Terry Stoops, September 30, 2015
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    Sebelius blasts teachers in grades K-2

    Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius recently remarked, We’ve got to make sure that kids by the time they hit kindergarten aren’t so far behind that they don’t ever catch up, and by the third grade they may as well drop out because they’re never going…
    Terry Stoops, June 14, 2013
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    Head Start Needs More Than ‘Sequester’ Pain

    Education Week reports today on  ‘sequester’ pain being felt by the “Great Society Relic” Head Start.  Head Start is a federal preschool program to prepare low-income children for kindergarten readiness.  Head Start and Early Head Start serve nearly a million children and families. The programs were funded at nearly…
    Lindalyn Kakadelis, May 14, 2013
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    White House unclear about the scope of preschool proposal

    The White House Blog has a post titled “What You Need to Know About President Obama’s Plan to Provide High-Quality Early Education for All Children.”  Frankly, the blog post does not provide what we need to know about President Obama’s preschool plan.  Specifically, it is not clear who will…
    Terry Stoops, February 19, 2013
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    N.C. Appeals Court ruling on pre-k order

    As Mitch pointed out, the N.C. Appeals Court upheld Superior Court Judge Howard Manning’s order to provide pre-kindergarten education to all “at risk” four-year-old children.  No suprise there.  But one of the concluding paragraphs is worth noting. Additionally, we would like to emphasize that while MAF was the remedy…
    Terry Stoops, August 21, 2012