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    The U-Hauls Are Coming

    Those of us who live here know very well what a wonderful state North Carolina is to call home, and if you’ve subscribed to On Locke, our weekly Monday morning newsletter, for more than a few months, you’ve likely heard me sing praises of our significant…
    Brooke Medina, August 30, 2021
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    Housing Must Keep Up With Job Growth

    The future belongs to the cities that can keep affordable housing growth properly matched to job growth. And that’s proving too difficult for some city governments, especially in states with extensive land-use regulations. Perhaps cities like San Francisco, Boston, and New York should take a lesson or two from North…
    Brooke Medina, July 20, 2021
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    The boom and the short; NC’s growing chasm between population and affordable housing

    Americans are voting with their feet and many have chosen to migrate to North Carolina thanks to her beautiful economic climate. We have grown so much that we’ve even added a 14th congressional seat to our delegation. However, if there is…
    Brooke Medina, April 27, 2021
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    Snapshot of the Day: NC Population Growth 1990-2035

    From Carolina Demography comes this chart that shows North Carolina’s explosive growth.   This is why North Carolina is on the brink of securing a 14th congressional district.  …
    Donna Martinez, January 8, 2021
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    They comin’ to Carolina

    The New York Times has a fascinating set of interactive graphs titled, Where We Came From, State by State. In 1900, 95 percent of North Carolinians were born in the state.  By 2012, only 58 percent of residents were native to North Carolina.
    Terry Stoops, August 15, 2014