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    How Valuable Is Trump’s Endorsement?

    We’re used to national attention on North Carolina when it comes to politics and key elections. It’s already started again, even though the pivotal U.S. Senate race to replace Republican Richard Burr is more than a year away. The primary, however, is just months down the road, and it’s the…
    Donna Martinez, September 9, 2021
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    Four More Years?

    The honeymoon is over for Joe Biden. The man who ran as the unifier, the man with character, the nice guy who wouldn’t send out mean tweets, the foreign-policy expert who would restore America’s place in the world, has been revealed as the hard-hearted president who left Americans and Afghan…
    Donna Martinez, September 7, 2021
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    It’s Not Just Biden Who’s In Trouble With N.C. Voters

    You can bet that Gov. Roy Cooper’s political team is doing a double-take on the results of the latest Civitas Poll. North Carolina voters – those likely to vote in 2022 – have soured on President Biden and on Gov. Roy Cooper.   The governor’s job approval…
    Donna Martinez, August 24, 2021
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    North Carolina Voters Sour On Biden and Cooper

    Civitas Poll also reveals good news for GOP ahead of 2022 election RALEIGH — The August Civitas Poll reveals that a majority of likely North Carolina voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s performance in office. Disapproval sits at 53%, up five points from June. Seven months into his term,…
    Donna Martinez, August 19, 2021
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    Gallup: “Biden’s approval rating is showing the first signs of meaningful decline.”

    An unchecked border crisis. Out-of-control spending and debt. Unwillingness to lead the way on a bipartisan deal to build and maintain roads, bridges, and broadband access. And now, inflation that’s making Americans pay more for the necessities of life – and at the worst possible time. Over…
    Donna Martinez, July 26, 2021
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    “He is no longer on the fringe of the party. He is mainstream”

    The next time you’re mocked for raising the alarm about how far left the Democratic Party has moved since Barack Obama led the party, remind your critics of this scary headline about Sen. Bernie Sanders and his role in today’s Democratic Party: No, it’s not a conservative analyst…
    Donna Martinez, July 19, 2021
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    Friday Rewind: Candidate Harris Would Say No To Vaccine … Because of Trump

    How quickly the media forgets that so-called “vaccine hesitation” can be traced directly to our current vice president, Kamala Harris. Let’s revisit October 2020’s vice presidential debate between Harris and Mike Pence and Harris’ ludicrous reasoning — pure politics — for why NOT to get vaccinated against COVID-19. USA…
    Donna Martinez, July 16, 2021
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    GOP Donations Surge as Party Aims To Send Pelosi Packing

    Nearly $80 million. That’s the haul brought in by the National Republican Congressional Committee in the first half of 2021, according to Axios. How do the numbers shake out? Here’s the AP’s analysis (emphasis is mine): In its next filing, the National Republican Congressional Committee will report that…
    Donna Martinez, July 14, 2021