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    Pennsylvania to approve medical marijuana. Will it ever happen in N.C.?

    Is it time for North Carolina to get into the “weeds?” Nationally, wrote the CJ’s Kari Travis, The Marijuana Effective Drug Study Act of 2017, sponsored by Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, would simplify rules for scientists who want to learn more about the plant’s pros and cons. North Carolina…
    John Trump, November 2, 2017
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    What’s the Recipe For a Thriving North Carolina?

    Mitch Kokai suggests the path forward to continue a thriving North Carolina in this Winston-Salem Journal story about the Triad’s unemployment rate and the North Carolina economy. Mitch Kokai, policy analyst with Libertarian think tank John Locke Foundation, said that “to the extent that state policy plays a role,…
    Donna Martinez, August 3, 2017
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    NC’s fiscal condition? We’re about in the middle of the pack

    North Carolina state government’s fiscal condition didn’t rank near the top, nor near the bottom in five areas studied by the Mercatus Center. North Carolina ranked 38th in cash solvency, 24th in budget solvency, 24th in long-run solvency, 18th in service-level solvency, and 33rd in fiscal…
    Barry Smith, January 14, 2014
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    Censorship in America: It’s real

    The Institute for Justice takes a look at newspaper censorship where the Kentucky attorney general is going after syndicated columnist John Rosemond for, well, giving advice in his parenting advice columns. Apparently, the Kentucky board that licenses psychologists thinks he’s practicing psychology without a license. The effort is…
    Barry Smith, July 23, 2013
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    Yet another poll gives Romney an edge in the DNC’s host state

    Another poll released today shows Republican Mitt Romney leading Democratic President Barack Obama in the battleground state of North Carolina. The High Point University/Fox 8 Poll gives Romney a 46 percent to 43 percent lead over Obama. The poll is of registered voters and was completed just before Romney…
    Barry Smith, September 3, 2012
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    Solve illegal immigration to North Carolina: let people come legally

    Fox News Latino, a site with over two million unique visitors each month, yesterday published a commentary from me on how to address the decades-long feud over illegal immigration. If you follow this blog, you’ll know I write on immigration plenty, towards a common ground resolution of a…
    Fergus Hodgson, February 7, 2012
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    Correcting the context of the proposed sales tax hike

    Governor Bev Perdue’s new push for an increase to the sales tax has come packaged with two misleading assertions (to put it gently). Terry Stoops, JLF’s education specialist, already did an excellent job explaining that the purported 49th placing for per-pupil education funding lacks solid basis.
    Fergus Hodgson, January 17, 2012
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    Eugenics Task Force Recommendations: Initial Thoughts

    The Governor’s eugenics compensation task force voted on final recommendations today.  I recently wrote about ways that the victims should be compensated. I do want to stress that the Task Force did an admirable job and should be commended for its work. Who Would be Compensated? Living victims,…
    Daren Bakst, January 10, 2012