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    Still in search of consistency from the N&O on sales taxes

    We've seen it go from don't dare let it fall to don't let it grow more expansive to hooray an increase at last to it's insidious how big it is.
    Jon Sanders, October 26, 2018
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    The N&O interrupts complaining against tax cuts for business to demand tax cuts for a business

    The same editors who called business tax cuts "wasting the public's money, throwing it away for the benefit of a few" back in May are now saying it was an "utterly dumb idea" to do away with refundable tax credits for film productions.
    Jon Sanders, October 25, 2017
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    Dear me, the N&O editors have lost all faith in Obamacare

    Four years ago, the editors of the N&O said Obamacare "will work and people will like it and wonder why it took so long to put something as sensible as the Affordable Care Act into place." Now they want to replace it with something else. What happened?
    Jon Sanders, October 20, 2017
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    Perhaps years hence

    Back in 2013, the editors of The News & Observer were so confident that Republican economic reforms to taxes, unemployment benefits, and regulatory burdens would fail that they sardonically offered to credit Republicans if they succeeded.
    Jon Sanders, May 10, 2017
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    The N&O editors actually wrote this

    I gave it several hours in case someone pranked the poor guys, but it appears that the editors of The News & Observer actually editorialized against using state incentives to save or create jobs. No, really. I know, it sounds as unthinkable as if someone said Chip Gaines punched Joanna.
    Jon Sanders, December 6, 2016
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    The N&O strikes a slightly different tone on Obamacare than they did three years ago

    (It’s just a slightly different tone. It’s still the greatest thing, you know.) Three years ago this month, the editors of The News & Observer were confidently predicting a day when we proles would look toward the ACA with happy reverence, the way posters depicted dutiful Soviet children gazing at…
    Jon Sanders, October 19, 2016
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    Your “faith and morality”–based wage would devastate North Carolina

    Last week, The News & Observer published an op-ed by a community activist making a case for a $15/hr. minimum wage (to politicians, in order to get votes). Other local activists and "moral" demagogues have been arguing for a $15/hr. minimum wage either from "faith and morality" or as virtue-signaling. The editors of the N&O have actually written for publication, and not on April 1, that doing so would "boost the economy" and put "more workers in the active economy." They wrote that "$15 is not an unreasonable national goal." "Raising the minimum wage lifts everyone," they concluded according to their house brand of economics. The recent column included this factoid: "Low pay is so pervasive that nearly half of North Carolinians today earn less than $15 an hour." Nearly half. Which would mean, if the federal minimum wage were hiked to over twice its size right now to $15/hr., that nearly half of the workers in North Carolina would be directly affected. So does that mean nearly half would suddenly get a raise? No, it means a significant portion would lose their jobs, because the government suddenly made them too expensive to keep on the payrolls. Some would get a raise. Many, many others would no longer get paychecks.
    Jon Sanders, September 15, 2016
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    Someone please find the consistency in the N&O’s position on sales taxes

    Back in 2013, the editorial board of The News & Observer was very, very upset by a Republican change in tax policy over Democratic objections: Two years ago, Republican lawmakers refused to extend a temporary 1-cent sales tax despite a plea from Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue. Republicans said the money should…
    Jon Sanders, July 7, 2016