New Hampshire

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    Is pushback to critical race theory a new civil rights issue?

    Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson recently fired shots against the new social studies curriculum in North Carolina that is oriented more towards critical race theory. Robinson’s comments, and the resulting backlash from a disgusting WRAL cartoon, have helped to highlight the issue statewide.
    Ray Nothstine, February 16, 2021
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    NC one of three states to pass a budget last week

    If you thought North Carolina was alone when it came to tardy budgets, think again. North Carolina joined Alabama and New Hampshire in passing a budget late last week. Now there are only two states left in the country without a budget, Illinois and Pennsylvania. There are some similarities between…
    Sarah Curry, September 21, 2015
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    Three other states can’t pass a budget either….

    If you thought that North Carolina was the only state in the country facing uncertain budget times….look again. New Hampshire passed a continuing resolution, similar to NC, but has been unable to come to a compromise on the state budget.  Their situation is a bit different though, a Democratic…
    Sarah Curry, August 12, 2015