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    CO2 Emissions Drop to 20 Year Low

    Did you hear about the drop in CO2 emissions this year?  I didn’t think so.  It seems to have been kept pretty quiet.  But here it is.  According to an Energy Department report, in the first 4 months of 2012, U.S. CO2 emissions dropped to roughly 1992 levels. …
    Julie Tisdale, August 17, 2012
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    Fracking’s promises of jobs and economic growth are too compelling to ignore

    My newsletter this week talks about energy crises, past and present, and traces what the discovery of oil and the discovery of commercially viable methods of hydraulic fracturing have in common. Then it discusses what fracking means for North Carolina.
    Jon Sanders, March 9, 2012
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    Renewable Energy and Subsidies

    A letter in today’s N & O argues that fossil fuels account for 87 percent of the energy consumed in the world and received 12 times the subsidies of renewable energy sources.  It isn’t clear from the letter whether the subsidies discussed only focus on the subsidies the U.S.
    Daren Bakst, September 26, 2011