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    Creators of the “People’s Budget” Phoning it in for 2021

    A far-left coalition of groups in North Carolina calling itself “NC United for Survival & Beyond” (NCUSB) is back again, but this time with what could be described as a half-hearted effort at best. They recently released their “People’s Budget” platform of demands for 2021. You…
    Brian Balfour, June 16, 2021
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    Warning for NC: Medicaid Expansion Offers Empty Promises

    Today’s Real Clear Policy included an article warning North Carolina against being seduced by the siren song of empty promises sung by Medicaid expansion supporters: As far back as 2014, Arkansas Senator Bryan King (R) warned other states not to expand after watching his state’s “…
    Brian Balfour, May 27, 2021
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    ICYMI: Governor Cooper’s State of the State Recap

    On Monday, April 26, Governor Roy Cooper gave his biennial State of the State address at the General Assembly. If you would like to watch the full broadcast, below is an embed of the live stream from PBS North Carolina. You can also read the full prepared…
    Brenee Goforth, April 27, 2021
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    Editorial cartoon exposes simple-minded support for Medicaid expansion

    WRAL editorial cartoonist Dennis Draughon published the above cartoon this week in an attempt to show how ignorant opponents of Medicaid expansion must be. The cartoon features Gov. Cooper showing all the supposed benefits of Medicaid expansion, and a stubborn Phil Berger nevertheless insisting it makes…
    Brian Balfour, March 19, 2021
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    WRAL editorial ignores vital details about Medicaid expansion

    WRAL earlier this week published an editorial titled “Take the money, it’s ours. Expand Medicaid.” The article misses the mark in many ways, starting with the article title itself. The money to pay for Medicaid expansion is not “ours.” It doesn’t even exist. The federal government is already…
    Brian Balfour, March 11, 2021
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    Thoughts on Governor Cooper’s NC Council on Health Care Coverage meeting

    This morning was the first meeting of the North Carolina Council for Health Care Coverage, set up by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. The council is comprised of North Carolina legislators from both sides of the aisle, researchers from North Carolina educational institutions, and private sector stakeholders. Here is how…
    Jordan Roberts, December 4, 2020
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    Candidate Question: What’s the state of Medicaid enrollment and how would this change with Medicaid Expansion?

    North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services provides a dashboard that tracks monthly Medicaid enrollment. NC Medicaid Enrollment in March = 2,182,617 Current NC Medicaid enrollment= 2,362,635 Current NC Population= 10,488,084 (July 2019) The current proportion of Medicaid enrollees to the entire population is approximately 22…
    Jordan Roberts, October 15, 2020
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    Medicaid Expansion and Rural Hospitals

    With the election less than 30 days away, political candidates from all across the spectrum are digging in on their political stances, trying to persuade voters to vote for their agenda. Like usual, health care is one of the most important topics for voters, especially in light of the pandemic.
    Jordan Roberts, October 9, 2020