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    Ned Barnett Shout-Out

    I have never met Ned Barnett, the associate opinion editor of the News & Observer.  But he shows me a little love in an op-ed published today: Terry Stoops, vice president of research for the right-leaning John Locke Foundation, is the reliable defender of the Republicans’ educational malpractice. On…
    Terry Stoops, September 11, 2019
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    Tucker: Only reporting worth reading “is on the business pages”

    Dane Huffman, the managing editor of the Triangle Business Journal, is our Shaftesbury Society speaker next Monday.  And Jeffrey Tucker’s “American Culture Has Become Unbearably Toxic” explains that the “only really sensible stuff” worth reading is business news.  Tucker writes, And so, what to read these days by…
    Terry Stoops, February 20, 2018
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    Bias in education reporting

    Rick Hess and Brendan Bell discuss bias in mainstream media coverage of education matters.  They write, We searched news articles, while avoiding opinion pieces, in the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal, and in four widely-read, education-specific outlets (The 74, Chalkbeat, The Chronicle of…
    Terry Stoops, February 7, 2018
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    Duke Professor Cites JLF In Discussion of Sports & The Left

    Duke University Professor Ed Tiryakian is an expert in corporate finance and sports economics. He also teamed up recently with JLF’s Jon Pritchett to discuss the impact of the Left on the sports industry — particularly ESPN. That presentation led to this interview with J.D. Hayworth on Watch…
    Donna Martinez, July 3, 2017
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    Re: What Obama doesn’t get about economics

    When I read the title of George’s post, I thought he was just going to post a graphic, like this: Which would have sufficed but would not have achieved the worthy service of passing along Sheldon Richman’s column today. As to the title topic, the Hill…
    Jon Sanders, July 25, 2013
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    Maybe one day media money and editorial sections will agree

    There’s a disconnect between the money sections and editorial sections of most media outlets. The money sections like to print helpful articles on helping people stretch their scarce dollars and warning against the pain of higher prices on necessities. The editorial sections favor policies that confiscate those dollars and create…
    Jon Sanders, February 18, 2013
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    News: Ellmers went to Israel, did not make out in the back seat

    The N&O’s Under the Dome blog dutifully offers the following headline: Ellmers went to Israel, did not skinny-dip I think it is worthwhile knowing that the North Carolina representative didn’t engage in any other embarrassing, juvenile behavior that would be fun to see her named linked with in a…
    Jon Sanders, August 21, 2012