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    What’s going on with other states’ budgets….?

    North Carolina isn’t the only state amidst state budget time, all the other states in the country are also debating their budgets.  Here are the highlights from some of those other states…. Alabama: Gov. Bentley on state budget problems: “We cannot cut our way out of this” Governor proposes…
    Sarah Curry, March 12, 2015
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    McCrory to release budget today

    Today is when Governor McCrory and his new Budget Director will release their 2015-2017 budget proposal to the legislature.  There has already been some discussion of what will be in the proposal.  We can expect to see a pay increase for new teachers and also a proposal to expand the…
    Sarah Curry, March 5, 2015
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    Tax whom more?

    Live Blog Stephen Moore in today’s Wall Street Journal explores why wealthy proponents of taxing the wealthy don’t pay more in taxes when they can voluntarily pay higher taxes. The federal fund for “gift contributions to reduce debt held by the public” received just $300 million last year,…
    Joseph Coletti, May 6, 2011