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    The N&O’s silly, desperate editorial

    In 2013, the N&O editors were so confident that empirically sound reforms to state taxes, red tape, and unemployment benefits would fail, they even offered to give Republicans credit if in years hence the state's economy was "thriving." Whoops.
    Jon Sanders, November 18, 2019
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    Fight the Myth of Fair Trade

    As Barron’s editorial page editor Thomas Donlan notes in his March 6 editorial: “Fair trade” is never fair, because it always means that the deadening thumb of government has to adjust the scales of commerce in favor of domestic businesses that can’t succeed any other way.
    Kory Swanson, March 16, 2017
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    Re: Swedish economist explains why the left hate economics

    Reading that, George, reminded me of the time I thought the president might issue an Executive Order to have demand curves slope upwards, which would, of course, solve all of his economic problems — at least on paper.
    Jon Sanders, August 24, 2015
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    More N&O-nomics: Government spending drives economic growth

    There are several known tenets of N&O-nomics, such as: tax cuts don’t stimulate economic or employment growth cutting the sales tax leads to unemployment (after a two-year lag) overregulation is good for business and tourism hiking the minimum wage would stimulate the economy outsiders’…
    Jon Sanders, August 4, 2014
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    Forbes: Is Paul Krugman leaving Princeton in disgrace?

    There is too much information here for a blog post to do justice and remain a blog post (as opposed to a booklet), so please read this entry in Forbes on the subject. The catalyst for Krugman’s disgrace would be economic historian Niall Ferguson’s public indictment and surgical dismantling…
    Jon Sanders, July 14, 2014
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    Not to pick on Raleigh

    Because it’s hardly just Raleigh. Other places — Charlotte, Miami, on down to Ocean City, Maryland — like the big, shiny numbers and are “not as concerned about the validity of those numbers.” Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal published a similar example.
    Jon Sanders, July 10, 2014
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    Happy 5th anniversary, colossal failure!

    The Wall Street Journal reminds us that five years ago today, President Obama signed the massive stimulus bill into law. He did this because, apparently, White House message crafters were still five years out from discovering what a great thing it is for people to be “liberated” from…
    Jon Sanders, February 17, 2014
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    Re: The “master jugglers” of the federal government

    Quoting George’s link: The classical economists and many modern day political economists argue that due to the negative consequences of “juggling” we need to establish binding rules that curtail such behavior on the part of governments. Keynes, or more accurately Keynesians, broke with this tradition of constraining public authorities…
    Jon Sanders, October 22, 2013