K-12 spending

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    “I’m a Teacher and a Waste of Money”

    In “I’m a Teacher and a Waste of Money,” Daniel Buck reflects on his experiences as a support teacher, wasteful spending in public schools, and the state of the profession generally.  Buck writes, I don’t mean to attack teaching as a discipline, or public education as a system. I…
    Terry Stoops, November 12, 2019
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    Stossel on K-12 Education Spending

    This past weekend, John Stossel compared the increase of K-12 students to the increase of personnel in schools during 1950 till 2009. The show aired on Fox Business. The education BLOB— that immovable jelly-like ball of teachers’ and janitors’ unions, the school board bureaucrats, PTAs, etc.—just keeps growing.
    Lindalyn Kakadelis, April 22, 2013