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    The State’s Employee Health Benefits Mess

    Like all fifty states, North Carolina provides health care benefits for its state employees. Unlike other states, North Carolina paid for 100 percent of the monthly premium costs for a basic or “standard” health plan for individual employees plans in 2009, and was one of only seven states at…
    Nicole Fisher, April 19, 2011
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    Individual Mandate or New Ballgame?

    Mark Bertolini, the CEO of influential insurance company Aetna did an interview with Kaiser Health News yesterday in which he talked candidly about his company’s perspective on the individual mandate in the new health care law. His blunt take on the individual mandate was that “it’s pretty likely…
    Nicole Fisher, April 8, 2011
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    Health Care Waivers Actually Work… Who Knew?

    Although sad to admit, it’s a rare occurrence that one sees both a quality and highly efficient health care organization. Suffice to say it’s a great day when one finds such an organization, and even better when you learn it’s managed to work using limited funding and being self-sufficient. What…
    Nicole Fisher, March 15, 2011