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    The Choice

    The debate over renewable energy giveaways in North Carolina really boils down to a choice. Do legislators serve the interests of citizens of North Carolina, or do they serve the interests of a powerful industry group? In my phrasing, it’s not much of a choice. I see it…
    Jon Sanders, April 28, 2015
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    NC energy economist on our ‘meddlesome and costly’ REPS

    Travis Fisher, an economist at the American Energy Alliance who is from North Carolina, writes in The Charlotte Observer on freezing the state’s renewable energy portfolio standards (RPS) mandate: From 2007 to 2013 U.S. production of natural gas from shale formations grew an amazing 783 percent, thanks to innovations such…
    Jon Sanders, April 27, 2015
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    Doesn’t matter who runs the show, cronyism wins

    This has been a week to remember for the Unsustainable Energy sector, the Puyi of the Carolinas. A campaign of utter nonsense, phony free-market posing, and shameless flat-out begging (which negated the campaign’s economic nonsense and free-market posing, if anyone took the time…
    Jon Sanders, April 22, 2015
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    The renewable energy lobby and the N&O’s strong editorial against an industry seeking self-interested breaks

    The N.C. Sustainable Energy Association is advertising on Facebook and presumably elsewhere to have people thank state senators responsible for SB 447. The bill would satisfy the solar industry’s big need: keep handing out huge tax credits for investing in solar. The 35% — thirty-five percent! — tax credit…
    Jon Sanders, April 20, 2015
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    Unsustainable solar hit by ‘shock waves.’ What could rock such a strong industry?

    Weaksauce whining from an industry supposedly as strong as NC’s solar. Complaints like these underscore that solar’s business model is proud to be entirely dependent upon government support (what the Taxpayer Protection Alliance calls solar’s “Subsidy-Based Business Model“). From the Charlotte Observer: The measure “dramatically disrupts the investment…
    Jon Sanders, April 17, 2015
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    Selling green cronyism, ignoring the poor

    That was the theme of my most recent newsletter, and it has been an ongoing subject of mine for years. Right now the green expensive electricity energy lobby is out in force working to get lawmakers to think of electricity generation as a jobs program, to support…
    Jon Sanders, April 10, 2015
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    When lower electricity rates are wonderful, you know they’re not talking about RPS mandates

    Politicians and media cheered the passage into law of Senate Bill 305, which would allow the North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency to sell its ownership in four power plants to Duke Energy Progress for $1.2 billion, reducing NCEMPA’s $1.7 billion debt to $480 million. The bill is expected to yield…
    Jon Sanders, April 6, 2015
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    What’s an enthymeme, and what does it have to do with clean energy?

    A brief search of the JLF network of sites shows I am the only one to use the term enthymeme. That being the case, I suppose I should explain myself before poking fun at one published today in The News & Observer about the need for a clean energy plan…
    Jon Sanders, April 2, 2015