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    Shaftesbury Society Resumes Monday, January 6

    Join us for the first Shaftesbury Society event of 2020, featuring JLF’s Becki Gray. North Carolina has implemented transformational reforms in the last decade that have created more opportunities for more people than ever before. Becki Gray has been at the table, in the trenches, and at the forefront…
    Donna Martinez, December 29, 2019
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    The end of the road for criminal ordinances?

    What do off-leash dogs, screeching tires, and begging have in common? All three can earn you a criminal record in North Carolina. Last month, Professor Jessica Smith (UNC School of Government) shared a number of wonderful insights into the prosecution of ordinance violations in North Carolina in a blog post…
    Mike Schietzelt, April 23, 2019
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    Could North Carolina Democrats Be On the Verge of Scoring Big?

    Mitch Kokai, John Locke Foundation senior political analyst, discusses N.C. Democrats’ campaign to make major gains in 2018 legislative elections. Kokai offered these comments during the July 19, 2017, edition of Spectrum News’ “Capital Tonight.” WATCH here.
    Donna Martinez, July 20, 2017
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    Like Senate, House Budget Boosts Opportunity Scholarship Funding, But With Changes

    Carolina Journal reports on how the House budget plan deals with the program that gives low-income families a chance to choose the private school that works best for them. The  Senate and House Budget proposals look to expand the program, but the House plan also includes a requirement for…
    Donna Martinez, May 31, 2017
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    Paying For Success: Changing How We Fund and Evaluate Programs

    Pay for a program first and ask questions about its effectiveness later. JLF’s Joe Coletti explains that’s usually how government operates. But there is a better way to determine what we spend and why. He reviews a practice known as ‘pay for success,’ which is gaining traction in the U.S. Read…
    Donna Martinez, May 28, 2017
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    Certificate-of-Need Law Impedes Lower-Cost Cataract Surgery

    It’s a common outpatient procedure for seniors, yet North Carolina’s Certificate-of-Need law caps the number of ambulatory surgery centers that offer the service and keeps ophthalmologists from performing the surgery in their offices. JLF’s Katherine Restrepo analyzes the impact here.
    Donna Martinez, May 26, 2017
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    NBA All-Star Championship returning to Charlotte in 2019

    Lindsay Marchello reports for Carolina Journal that not everyone is happy about news of the All-Star game. “The NBA’s decision to return to North Carolina while anti-LGBT laws remain on the books is troubling,” Hudson Taylor, executive director of Athlete Ally, said in an email to Carolina Journal. “We’re hopeful the NBA…
    Donna Martinez, May 24, 2017
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    CJ Exclusive: Cooper’s Veto Strategy Could ‘Win’ Over Time, Analysts Say

    From Monday’s Carolina Journal: Gov. Roy Cooper is on a pace that could rival former Gov. Bev Perdue’s record number of gubernatorial vetoes. But almost half of Perdue’s vetoes survived, while Cooper has yet to sustain a single one. Political analysts say wins and losses aren’t the real prize, and…
    Donna Martinez, May 22, 2017