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    Let’s Stop Promoting Fiscally Irresponsible Film Incentives

    This week, JLF’s Jon Sander’s published a research brief on film incentives prompted by a statement Gov. Roy Cooper released this week: [H]is press release announc[ed] the creation of a “Governor’s Advisory Council on Film, Television and Digital Streaming.” This group will “advise Gov. Cooper on efforts to grow and develop…
    Brenee Goforth, November 7, 2019
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    Favorite Christmas movies by state

    Discuss.                         Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter…
    Terry Stoops, December 14, 2018
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    Won’t Back Down review worth reading

    New York Post film critic Kyle Smith deserves a Pulitzer Prize for his review of Won’t Back Down. The rousing school-choice movie “Won’t Back Down” is (already!) inspiring teachers’ unions to protest it with its standard dial-a-mob tactics, but the film makes a serious effort to present the other…
    Terry Stoops, September 28, 2012
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    More Problems with Incentives

    Here at the Locke Foundation, we’ve written extensively on incentives, including a recent publication by Jon Sanders on Film Incentives.  It was therefore with great interest that I read an article in today’s News & Observer about film incentives and The Hunger Games. The first…
    Julie Tisdale, September 14, 2012
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    Film Incentives

    In today’s Rights and Regulations newsletter, Jon Sanders highlights the problems with government incentives.  His example is film, and that’s a particularly relevant one for North Carolinians at the moment, but the problem is also more general.  Jon notes that in his conclusion, when he talks about cutting taxes…
    Julie Tisdale, August 7, 2012