environmental policy

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    Hog Farmers Followed State Regulations But Still Got Sued

    Our Senior Fellow and former secretary of the Department of Environmental Quality asks pointed questions about why hog farmers who complied with regulations are being hauled into court. In an op-ed published in the News and Observer, van der Vaart lays out his case. Imagine you’re one of…
    Donna Martinez, February 2, 2019
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    Squinched up and about to barf: The face of climate purity

    The UN says we have 12 years to cut CO2 emissions drastically or face climate catastrophe. That means we'll have to stop eating meat, too. I suspect they're amping up the rhetoric because the U.S. is leading the world in cutting emissions, and we're doing it (a) without them and (b) through the free market.
    Jon Sanders, October 29, 2018
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    Murdoch’s mother calls for carbon tax

    Gotta love this report from JunkScience.com. Seems the 102-year-old lady favors carbon taxes on– basically –all things associated with continuing to live. Not a little bit self-righteous, and certainly not likely to be much of a burden on her going forward, is it?…
    Karen Palasek, June 16, 2011