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    Snapshot of the Day: 2020 Election as Brand Marketing

    Fascinating piece written by Fortune’s Geoff Colvin that looks at candidates as brands and assesses the relative strengths and weaknesses of the 2020 presidential field in two categories: brand strength and brand stature. Why did virtually every top pollster and pundit get the 2016 election screamingly wrong? On…
    Donna Martinez, January 24, 2020
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    Ousted: Mark Harris Defeats Rep. Robert Pittenger

    North Carolina’s 9th congressional district is one to watch in November. Democrats believe they can turn the seat blue. For now, Republicans in the district have voted for change, defeating Rep. Robert Pittenger in the primary. Though analysts say the district leans Republican, it’s expected to be one of…
    Donna Martinez, May 9, 2018
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    Is North Carolina Next, Or Will Voters Endorse Reforms?

    Becki Gray, John Locke Foundation senior vice president, discusses the potential impact of 2017 Virginia elections on 2018 N.C. races. Gray offered these comments during the Nov. 8, 2017, edition of Spectrum News’ “Capital Tonight.” Watch.
    Donna Martinez, November 13, 2017
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    JLF’s Kory Swanson In News & Observer: “Keep focused.”

    The News & Observer’s Andy Specht writes a good survey of Tuesday’s election results and what the Democratic Party wins could mean for North Carolina. Andy picked up on the key perspective offered by JLF President and CEO Kory Swanson: Kory Swanson, president of the conservative John Locke Foundation,…
    Donna Martinez, November 9, 2017
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    Bonds, Booze, and the Beach: An Overview of the November Ballot

    On November 7, people in cities and towns across North Carolina will go to the polls to vote in local government elections.  These are municipal, not county, elections, but not all cities and towns will have them.  For those who do, the ballot is interesting. Along with mayors, city…
    Donna Martinez, October 27, 2017
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    Think You Know What’s Going On With NC Voter Registration? Maybe. Or Maybe Not.

    Which of these statements accurately reflects the state of voter registration in North Carolina? In September, the GOP officially became the third-largest group of registered voters in North Carolina, as the number of unaffiliated voters surpassed Republican registration for the first time. In September, the North Carolina Republican Party…
    Donna Martinez, September 20, 2017
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    Here’s Why Business Leaders Pay Such Close Attention To Gubernatorial Elections

    What can we learn from research by a Tulane University professor who looked at decades of gubernatorial elections and economic data? John Hood explains. She found that, on average, business investment in the months before election days is about five percent lower in states with gubernatorial elections than in…
    Donna Martinez, September 6, 2017
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    What Should Voters Look For In New Election Districts?

    JLF’s Becki Gray joined the “Capital Tonight” panel to talk about drawing new election maps in North Carolina. Watch what Becki had to say.
    Donna Martinez, August 24, 2017