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    Gridlock is Good for the Economy

    Although legislative gridlock is a top concern of the American public, Investor’s Business Daily argues that gridlock saves the American tax payer a lot of money. Among other things, rates of spending are checked, and other potentially costly programs are held at bay by the lack of consensus. However,…
    Kory Swanson, January 15, 2019
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    Looking For a Job? Market For Last-Mile Deliveries is Booming

    I enjoy watching changes in consumer buying behavior and the adapting marketplace. It’s the classic scenario of ‘find a need and fill it.’ Smart entrepreneurs will always have their eye toward emerging trends. Today comes the story of how the transportation industry is booming due to demand for so-called…
    Donna Martinez, January 10, 2019
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    Does Government Spending Expand the Economy?

    Expand government and you’ll grow the economy? Dr. Roy Cordato examines the flaws in this view an concludes: The point here is that, while public sector spending adds to GDP in official government statistics, it can only increase spending at the expense of the private sector because of the…
    Donna Martinez, June 25, 2018
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    Why DC Restaurant Workers Should Oppose a Gigantic Raise

    It’s called Initiative 77. As Reason details, it’s a ballot item in Washington D.C. that would impose a $15/hour minimum wage on restaurants. Here’s how things work now: Restaurant owners in the district currently pay waitstaff $3.33 an hour, well below the minimum wage, with the expectation that they…
    Donna Martinez, April 20, 2018
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    Duke Survey: Optimism Surges Among Business Execs

    Whether you’re an owner, manager, or employee, the results of the latest Duke University survey of CFOs represents good news, as reports: Optimism among US business executives is at an all-time high in the wake of tax reform and that’s good news for employees as well as people…
    Donna Martinez, March 9, 2018
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    Why Bananas Are Like Gold To North Carolina

    Cool story in the Journal of American Transportation about a key milestone reach by our Wilmington port facility, which helps expands the state’s ability to trade in the global marketplace. North Carolina Ports continues to expand its role as a global supply chain gateway by welcoming its first shipment…
    Donna Martinez, February 8, 2018
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    Trump: A Dominant Political Figure, Even in the UK

    Following a visit to the UK, Andy Taylor reflects on how President Trump is viewed in the UK, and how he impacts the political debate. Britain’s Right is using Trump as a kind of model. Reading conservative newspapers there is to listen in on conversations among Americans supportive of many…
    Donna Martinez, February 1, 2018
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    You Can Thank Minimum Wage Mandates For These Job Losses

    There’s no doubt that when employers are forced to raise the minimum wage for their entry level workers, there are people who benefit in the short term. But then come the consequences of forced wage hikes: Restaurant chain Red Robin is cutting busboys at each of its 570 restaurants…
    Donna Martinez, January 30, 2018