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    Cary Restaurant Folds, Can’t Compete With Unemployment Checks

    You’d think government bureaucrats would understand that restaurants can’t operate without staff. You’d think government bureaucrats would understand that when you subsidize something, you get more of it. You’d think government bureaucrats would understand that it’s unfair to force restaurants to compete with government benefits. You’d think. But too many…
    Donna Martinez, August 24, 2021
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    This Chart Scares The Biden White House

    Notice you’re paying more for gas, among other things? I have. Axios reports the Biden political machine is worried the president will be blamed. The Biden White House increasingly views rising gasoline prices as a source of potential political peril — and is now asking some of the world’s…
    Donna Martinez, August 12, 2021
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    Speaking Truth To Power: Folwell, Causey & Robinson School Cooper On N.C.’s Employment Crisis

    He’s a bulldog. I’m talking about Treasurer Dale Folwell. This week he demonstrated that he’s not afraid to go toe-to-toe with Gov. Roy Cooper – and in a public meeting. The location: the August 3 Council of State meeting, where statewide elected officials convene to take votes on items…
    Donna Martinez, August 4, 2021
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    Biden & Cooper OK Forcing Businesses To Compete Against Gov’t Benefits

    It’s happened to me twice. The first time was about a month ago, when I grabbed a take-out order from my favorite Wake County sandwich shop. I was one of the last people who walked in before the manager shut the doors early – at 6 p.m. – because of…
    Donna Martinez, July 7, 2021
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    Inflation Nation

    If you’re someone who carefully monitors your monthly spending, you’ve witnessed prices going up on a variety of goods, from gas and lumber to staple products like corn and coffee. I don’t know which is worse, last year’s Clorox wipe shortage or today’s coffee bean prices. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.
    Brooke Medina, May 27, 2021
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    Elections Have Consequences

    Another spot-on cartoon, published by
    Donna Martinez, May 19, 2021
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    The Job Market is Plentiful but the Workers are Few

    “There are more job openings in the U.S. this spring than before the pandemic hit in March 2020, and fewer people in the labor force,” according to the Wall Street Journal. The April jobs report was released last week and it made clear that jobs are in abundance, but…
    Brooke Medina, May 12, 2021
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    Dismantling Barriers To Economic Mobility in North Carolina

    Locke report identifies pathway to equal justice and opportunity RALEIGH — For every North Carolinian to thrive, we must clear the pathway blocked by entrenched and historic impediments that narrow opportunity and hinder the escape from poverty. A new John Locke Foundation report from researcher Joseph Coletti urges state…
    Donna Martinez, May 7, 2021