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    Test scores 2018-19: School performance grades

    North Carolina assigns school performance grades to all public schools.  The grades are based on student achievement (80 percent of total grade) and growth (20 percent of total grade). In the past, the N.C. Department of Public Instruction published comparisons of district and charter grade distributions, but they…
    Terry Stoops, September 4, 2019
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    1 in 5 NC students don’t attend traditional public schools, new figures show

    Keung Hui of the News & Observer has the details: Twenty percent of North Carolina’s students are not attending the state’s traditional public schools — and that percentage is expected to continue rising. New statewide figures released this month show that homeschools, private schools and charter schools all continued to add…
    Terry Stoops, July 18, 2019
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    Sell the Big Mac, rather than complaining that Burger King has onion rings

    On October 12, Public Schools First NC and Great Schools In Wake are hosting an event, Impact of Privatizing Public Schools: A Crisis in the Making.  Here is the description of the event: To celebrate 10 years of advocacy for public schools, we invite you join us…
    Terry Stoops, July 9, 2019
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    ZIP code school assignment a vestige of enslavement?

    I did not have an opportunity to watch the Congressional hearing about reparations, but this article from The Chronicle of Higher Education caught my eye. The author writes, Julianne Malveaux, an economist and former president of Bennett College, in North Carolina, presented evidence for reparations based on postslavery abuses.
    Terry Stoops, June 20, 2019