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    Treasurer Dale Folwell Demands Price Transparency

    On Friday, March 20, 2020, State Treasurer Dale Folwell announced his intention to rescue the State Health Plan with price transparency. Carolina Journal’s Julie Havlak reports: With the State Health Plan, Folwell blames inflated prices and “secret contracts” for its financial woes. But his Clear Pricing Project was blocked last year, when…
    Brenee Goforth, March 23, 2020
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    Pensions nationwide doing better, but not healthy yet

    North Carolina’s pension plans for government employees did well this past fiscal year, growing 10.6% to $93.9 billion. That was below the median gain for all public pension funds in the country of 12.4% through June 30. One good year, however, does not eliminate the need to continue…
    Joseph Coletti, August 9, 2017
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    Taking care of retired state employees

    State Treasurer Dale Folwell is on his way to cutting $100 million in state pension management fees. He has cut six managers and renegotiated fees producing $25 million in savings so far. Savings like this are important, but amount to a rounding error in the $90-billion state pension fund. As state pension…
    Joseph Coletti, May 9, 2017
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    State officials hopeful that unemployment debt will be paid off early

    Dale Folwell It’s looking like North Carolina businesses will pay off their unemployment insurance debt to the federal government three months earlier than anticipated. According to a Division of Employment Security press release, the debt owed to the federal government to pay off borrowed unemployment benefit funds dropped…
    Barry Smith, July 14, 2014
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    NC and 20 other states passed concussion laws this year

    A very interesting article in Education Week tackles the issue of concussion laws.  According to the article, only 11 states had a concussion law on the books at this time last year.  This year, North Carolina was one of 20 states and the District of Columbia to pass legislation…
    Terry Stoops, August 11, 2011