Cronyism (page 8)

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    Thanks, high-rate cronies! (Bok, bok!)

    Big Energy (the “morally correct” Big Energy, that is, the one that is allowed to raise rates on the poor captured ratepayers and engage in the worst of cronyism without upsetting the media, who usually dislike cronyism by Republicans) has a new ad out. The ad,…
    Jon Sanders, August 7, 2013
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    When utilities capture the legislature — a warning from Florida

    A business columnist in Tampa Bay thanks the Florida legislature for making Florida rateplayers pay higher rates for nothing: Hey, elected clowns! Thanks for passing a law forcing Duke Energy customers to pay up to $1.5 billion in higher rates for a long proposed nuclear power plant in Levy County…
    Jon Sanders, August 6, 2013
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    No dance this time: NC film industry is on life support

    Unlike the usual news stories about how a heavily subsidized industry is an amazing success story, today’s WRAL article about the state’s film credits was all about how the North Carolina film industry is completely, absolutely, utterly dependent on corporate welfare. Basically, the message is, if North Carolinians…
    Jon Sanders, June 13, 2013
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    A 19th century approach to personnel?

    Michael C. Byrne writes in the N&O about House Bill 834, which he says would “make it nearly impossible for state employees to challenge their dismissals, a practical return to the 19th century system where state employees serve at the governor’s pleasure.” Byrne writes: Under the new bill,…
    Jon Sanders, May 20, 2013
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    N&O quaffs a heady brew of Old Cronyism

    There’s a fun article today in The News & Observer, you know, the Raleigh newspaper that can affect a zero-tolerance-sounding policy for special interests and the General Assembly when it comes to legislators and the American Legislative Exchange Council (as opposed to legislators and the National Association of State Legislatures)…
    Jon Sanders, May 15, 2013
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    Sebelius’ serial abuse of power is to help Obamacare, so it’s ‘OK’

    Cato’s Michael Cannon explores this subject in detail. Her latest abuse of power is to shake down companies and groups she regulates to “contribute” to nonprofits that are “working to enroll uninsured Americans and increase awareness of the law.”…
    Jon Sanders, May 13, 2013
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    Obama’s exorbitant green jobs put Reagan’s scandalous toilet seats to shame

    Do you remember when the media were apoplexed by reports that the Defense Department during the days of Reagan were spending hundreds, hundreds of dollars on porcelain throne lids? USA Today does, or did when former Defense Sec. Caspar Weinberger died. For those who don’t, yes, there have…
    Jon Sanders, May 9, 2013
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    NY has more generous film incentives than NC. So why was ‘Gatsby’ filmed in Australia?

    The Great Gatsby is a story set in Long Island. The state of New York offers production companies an even more aggressive array of film incentives than North Carolina, including a 30 percent, fully refundable tax credit. This is a no-brainer, right? “Gatsby” would obviously be filmed in its…
    Jon Sanders, May 3, 2013