Cronyism (page 6)

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    Musing: potential camel’s nose of Obama’s executive actions on guns

    While commentary from the media and left have reflexively praised the president’s announcement, some commentary on the right has remarked primarily upon how little new the president actually proposed. E.g., National Review’s Charles C.W. Cooke argued that the long-term result would be counter to the president’s stated goal, as he…
    Jon Sanders, January 5, 2016
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    Voluntary certification, not occupational licensing

    Carolina Journal reports on a Texas Supreme Court ruling against requiring those who practice eyebrow threading to be licensed cosmetologists. The ruling is important because the hurdles to getting a license as a cosmetologist are especially burdensome in terms of time as well as money. Requiring such practices as eyebrow…
    Jon Sanders, August 24, 2015
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    The folly of the ethanol mandate

    University of Georgia Professor Emeritus Harold Brown writes of “The Ethanol Scramble” for the Georgia Public Policy Foundation. An excerpt: The mandate for ethanol use was met or exceeded every year until 2010 when the mandate and consumption were just under 13 billion gallons. Consumption has levelled off since…
    Jon Sanders, May 15, 2015
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    The unintended consequences of protecting wild animals and people

    One of the many issues under debate in the North Carolina House this legislative session is what to do about private ownership of dangerous animals. House Bill 554 was filed by Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson, to ban, among other things, the possession, sale, transfer, and breeding of dangerous animals…
    Jon Sanders, May 1, 2015
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    Drawing the Wrong Conclusion XVIII — another edition of ‘that cronyism is bad because it can’t go to this cronyism’

    Fuel Fix carries the following headline: Obama budget would slash oil tax breaks Good. Energy costs are highly impactful, especially on poor consumers. We need a healthy, level playing field for competing energy providers to compete for our business, not government favors. It’d be an encouraging…
    Jon Sanders, February 3, 2015
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    Obama wants to be seen as Robin Hood, tax like King John

    The Hill gives this  headline to the president’s upcoming proposals: “Obama plays Robin Hood.” It’s a favorite leftist conceit, this redistributionist ideal of Robin Hood, and it’s most useful to them without any examination of who the “rich” were he stole from. I wrote about it in a newsletter…
    Jon Sanders, January 19, 2015
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    Media: We need to follow Alabama’s lead on incentives so we don’t end up like Alabama

    Economic incentives packages — special tax breaks negotiated for particular companies or industries while all others continue to pay higher rates for the apparent crime of not closing up shop but continuing to employ North Carolinians and engage in commerce in this state — are among the worst examples of…
    Jon Sanders, October 13, 2014
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    Nevada gives up $70 million in film incentives to lure Tesla

    Apparently North Carolina isn’t the only state getting partially out of film incentives but certainly not out of state incentives. A changing of the cronies is definitely upsetting to the former cronies, but to taxpayers and unfavored businesses, nothing changes. From Nevada: The major showdown of the…
    Jon Sanders, September 15, 2014