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    You’re Healthy With No COVID Symptoms. 71% of Democrats Think You Should Stay Home.

    The pandemic will have long-lasting effects that go well beyond our physical health. We know kids, parents, and teachers face daunting challenges due to lost time in the classroom and a complete flip flop in the learning environment, with some adapting and others left behind. We know elderly people in…
    Donna Martinez, June 8, 2021
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    Harvard Professor of Medicine: Why I Spoke Out Against Lockdowns

    Martin Kulldorff writes of the strange response he and other health experts received from U.S. media and big tech when they spoke from their expertise about the initial and ongoing response to the Covid-19 pandemic as they witnessed "basic principles of public health [were] thrown out of the window."
    Jon Sanders, June 4, 2021
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    Fauci v. Biden: Guess Who’s Paid More

    At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I paid a lot of attention to the words of Dr. Anthony Fauci. He’s the federal government’s expert on infectious diseases, after all. But as time went on it became clear that Dr. Fauci was just one voice in a sea of experts.
    Donna Martinez, June 2, 2021
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    Two Weeks Later, NC Covid Numbers Are Way Down

    Two weeks ago, on May 14, Gov. Roy Cooper surprised himself and the rest of us by lifting nearly all of his personal and business restrictions. True to form, he kept the most scientifically unsupportable ones; namely, forced masks on children in schools and summer camps. But the change…
    Jon Sanders, May 28, 2021
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    Why North Carolina Is Very Likely At Herd Immunity Now

    Adding the 53% of those adults partially vaccinated to the 16.5% with natural immunity alone would put North Carolina at 69.5% with active immunity. That proportion is obviously past Cooper's two-thirds standard.
    Jon Sanders, May 27, 2021
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    What Gov. Whitmer and Gov. Cooper Have In Common

    Emergency power and government prohibitions are about power and control. Michigan residents got a big dose of big-government reality when Breitbart reported on the photo of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer sitting at a crowded restaurant table with no mask. That violated the very capacity rule she imposed on everyone else…
    Donna Martinez, May 25, 2021
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    Sen. Leader Phil Berger calls on Cooper to “immediately withdraw North Carolina’s mask mandate.”

    This statement from Sen. Leader Phil Berger arrived in my in-box this morning. Sen. Berger Statement on Mask Mandates and CDC Guidance Raleigh, N.C. – Senate Leader Phil Berger (R-Rockingham) issued the following statement: “The CDC finally formalized what many Americans who think for themselves have been…
    Donna Martinez, May 14, 2021
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    HEAR IT: CDC Director Says Fully Vaccinated Don’t Need To Wear Mask

    Big news from CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Wollensky on Thursday. The feds have finally acknowledged the science and are saying those who are fully vaccinated can get rid of the mask and social distancing, inside and outside. Hear it for yourself and rejoice.   Gov. Cooper, are you…
    Donna Martinez, May 13, 2021