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    Sell the Big Mac, rather than complaining that Burger King has onion rings

    On October 12, Public Schools First NC and Great Schools In Wake are hosting an event, Impact of Privatizing Public Schools: A Crisis in the Making.  Here is the description of the event: To celebrate 10 years of advocacy for public schools, we invite you join us…
    Terry Stoops, July 9, 2019
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    Booming Economy = Labor Shortage = Innovative Pay Model

    The typical American worker is paid by his/her employer every two weeks or perhaps once a month. But the fast food restaurant industry is innovating in order to attract workers who have myriad options thanks to our incredibly low unemployment rate. Bloomberg reports: Restaurant chains are pulling out all…
    Donna Martinez, May 20, 2019
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    Anti-choice coordination at its best? (with 1/15 updates)

    Want proof that the Left is coordinating its messages?  Compare the article written by Winston-Salem/Forsyth County teacher Stu Egan with the letter to the editor written by Meredith College English professor Kelly Roberts. Stu Egan, “North Carolina’s Intentional Misuse of Charter Schools: They Are For Experimentation, Not Competition,” January 8,…
    Terry Stoops, January 14, 2019
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    Looming hospital merger raises questions about patient benefits

    A North Carolina hospital deal is the subject of an article in The Huffington Post: As North Carolina’s attorney general deliberates over whether to approve the sale of the nonprofit Mission Health System to for-profit Nashville, Tennessee-based HCA, a citizens…
    Jordan Roberts, January 2, 2019
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    Let the healthcare field compete

    John Cochrane, senior fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, writes in his blog, The Grumpy Economist, how government mandated cross-subsidization negatively impacts the costs of health care in the US: But lawmakers do…
    Jordan Roberts, August 29, 2018
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    States and Cities Look To Regulate Short-Term Rentals

    Its a called a meeting of the minds when a person agrees to buy a product or service at the price and under the terms presented by a seller. Whether the scenario involves buying a can of soup at a grocery store, or renting a room for a night in…
    Donna Martinez, May 8, 2018
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    Competition Watch: Home Delivery Heats Up as December Rush Nears

    December is a critical month for UPS and FedEx as the two giants go head to head delivering packages. And while home delivery is great for consumers, turns out that the booming market is “relatively unprofitable” for industry, according to Fortune. Home drop-offs typically involve just one or two…
    Donna Martinez, November 20, 2017
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    The Four P’s of Electricity Competition

    The Four P’s of Electricity Competition was the unofficial title of my introductory remarks at last week’s forum on the benefits of increased competition in providing electricity to North Carolinians, cosponsored by JLF and the environmental advocacy group NC WARN. I expanded upon those remarks for my newsletter…
    Jon Sanders, March 3, 2014