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    Shameless Durham City Council vote is a declaration of war on charter schools

    Voting “yes” on education revenue bonds for Excelsior Classical Academy would have cost the city no money.  But the Durham City Council voted 5-2 against the measure anyway. Those who opposed the measure explained that they voted to draw a line in the sand between charters and…
    Terry Stoops, August 8, 2018
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    Recommended reading from Jay Greene’s Blog

    At Jay Greene’s Blog, Matthew Ladner’s “The Way of the Future: Self-Reliance (with equity?)” gives North Carolina a well-deserved mention.  Matt, who is a senior research fellow at the Charles Koch Institute, writes about the emergence of new educational structures, including a “broad trend towards self-reliance and multiple…
    Terry Stoops, August 1, 2018
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    Gordon-Stella: Durham charter schools committed to all students

    In an op-ed published in the Durham Herald-Sun, Lisa Gordon-Stella, a member of the Durham Charter Schools Collaborative, writes, Despite each school’s different approaches, the DCC’s focus is on collaborating to improve the educational outcomes of all children regardless of race or socioeconomic status. We know that there is…
    Terry Stoops, July 3, 2018
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    CMS emails parents, asks them to oppose legislation

    Today, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) emailed parents and asked them to call state lawmakers and voice their opposition to House Bill 514, which would allow towns to operate charter schools. CMS officials fear that municipal-run charters will accelerate the exodus of families from the school system.
    Terry Stoops, May 30, 2018
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    This WRAL cartoon is revolting

    This WRAL cartoon…                     …is based on this segregation-era image:      …
    Terry Stoops, May 9, 2018
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    May 16 Walkout Wednesday event is anti-charter school

    The N.C. Justice Center recently published “LOVE NC? FUND EDUCATION: A Resource Page for May 16th and Beyond,” and the contents of the page leave no doubt that Walkout Wednesday is an anti-charter school event. Recognize the importance of PUBLIC in North Carolina’s public school system. Charter schools create…
    Terry Stoops, May 8, 2018
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    Charter school deserts in North Carolina

    According to The Thomas B. Fordham Institute, a charter school desert is “three or more contiguous census tracts that have poverty rates greater than 20 percent but that have no charter schools.”  And a new Fordham Institute report says that North Carolina has 14 of them. Nine charter deserts…
    Terry Stoops, April 26, 2018
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    Charter school market shares by school district

    The N.C. Department of Public Instruction recently published a map of charter school enrollment relative to district schools. Charter enrollment (as a percentage of district school population) is higher in Halifax, Northampton, Person, Vance, and Weldon City schools than in Durham County, which gets all the press.
    Terry Stoops, April 24, 2018