certification and licensure

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    Giving North Carolinian’s more healthcare choices: Part 3

    Welcome to Part 3 of my “healthcare freedom” blog series this week. In this small series, I am reviewing a federal report on healthcare reform initiatives that the states can implement to encourage more freedom, competition, and choice into the health care sector.
    Jordan Roberts, December 6, 2018
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    Great information on teacher supply and demand

    I am a fan of Teachersoftomorrow.org.  The group recently published the graphic below.  …
    Terry Stoops, January 13, 2017
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    Teacher certification is a poor indicator of quality

    One of the provisions in Senate Bill 337: NC Charter School Advisory Board would allow charter schools to employ fewer certified (or licensed) teachers.  Currently, at least 75 percent of charter school teachers in grades kindergarten through five must possess a teaching license.  At least 50 percent of…
    Terry Stoops, July 18, 2013
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    Changes needed to the early education certification law

    S.L. 2010-178 is a law that imposes burdensome and costly certification requirements on child care and early education teachers and providers.  The law mandates that teaching staff and providers working in licensed child care centers or licensed family child care homes have their education certified by the North Carolina Institute…
    Terry Stoops, May 19, 2011