career and technical education

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    Dan Forest releases his education plan

    Gubernatorial candidate Dan Forest unveiled his education plan today.  There are four themes to the plan. Parents Pick Expand the Opportunity Scholarship program to every N.C. family. Level the playing field for high-quality charter schools Four in the Door A principal with full authority to hire and fire An…
    Terry Stoops, November 7, 2019
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    Winston-Salem Journal gets it wrong on career and tech ed

    From a Winston-Salem Journal editorial: Sometimes when the legislature passes a bill, we just have to ask: What took them so long? North Carolina’s “Career Ready Education” bill isn’t law yet, but after unanimous state Senate approval and Gov. Pat McCrory’s endorsement, it appears on the fast track. The…
    Terry Stoops, February 18, 2013
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    Vocational education: The Swiss way

    Many Swiss students are passing up a free college education to enroll in a vocational school, according to a recent article published in Time.  The system is funded by the private sector and is extremely successful. Currently, approximately 58,000 Swiss companies provide VET [Vocational Education and…
    Terry Stoops, October 5, 2012
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    OECD recommendation: More vocational training

    In a new study titled “OECD Economic Surveys: United States,” researchers at the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD) argue that the United States needs to make structural changes to its system of public schools or risk losing its economic competitiveness. I do not agree with a majority…
    Terry Stoops, June 27, 2012
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    Steve Jobs: Engineering skills plentiful in China

    In a post on Community College Spotlight, Joanne Jacobs pulled an interesting quote from Walter Isaacson’s biography of the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Apple had 700,000 factory workers employed in China, he said, and that was because it needed 30,000 engineers on-site to support those workers. ‘You can’t…
    Terry Stoops, November 3, 2011