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    Biden Is Actively Testing Your Willingness to Assert Your Rights

    Biden is openly asserting an actual right to do things he suspects or knows he has no legal right to do. He dares objectors to seek enforcement by the courts, telling them essentially to bring it on. It’s a giant game of constitutional chicken.
    Jon Sanders, September 30, 2021
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    ‘The political purges have begun’

    Jeffrey A. Tucker: "In 30 years of writing, this might be the most important article I've written."
    Jon Sanders, September 29, 2021
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    Inflation Nation

    If you’re someone who carefully monitors your monthly spending, you’ve witnessed prices going up on a variety of goods, from gas and lumber to staple products like corn and coffee. I don’t know which is worse, last year’s Clorox wipe shortage or today’s coffee bean prices. Thoughts and prayers appreciated.
    Brooke Medina, May 27, 2021