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    Freedom To Farm

    Read The New Locke-Commissioned Research Report Freedom To Farm The Impacts of Agriculture Regulation On Production and Processing In The South In this paper, author Vincent Smith examines the structure and differences in seven southern states and the federal regulations that…
    Donna Martinez, September 20, 2021
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    LISTEN: Cooper & Stein on immigration and the ‘dreamers’

    For weeks now, the focus has rightly been on the crisis at the southern border, as illegal immigrants flood into the United States and the Biden administration flails. But on Thursday, the focus was more on legal immigration and the economy as the American Business Immigration Coalition held a virtual…
    Donna Martinez, March 26, 2021
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    NC State Fair will Return in 2021

    North Carolina’s largest agriculture celebration, the N.C. State Fair was canceled in 2020 due to the coronavirus. Thankfully for fans of the popular event, State Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler announced Wednesday, February 24, that the show will go on, and the fair will take place October 14-24. Troxler boasted plans…
    Brenee Goforth, February 24, 2021
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    NC Farm Bureau Chief: Free Trade & Lower-Cost Energy Vital To Agriculture Industry

    In Wilson County, Larry Wooten of the N.C. Farm Bureau made clear his view on two key needs for the state’s No. 1 industry: agriculture/agribusiness. “When people start talking about exports and trade, we’ve got to have it,” Wooten said. “We have a lot of farm meetings, but I…
    Donna Martinez, February 12, 2018
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    Wondering What’s In the Farm Bill? Find Out Monday.

    Every five years or so, Congress passes a farm bill that includes a wide range of programs.  The next farm bill is looming and could very well pass in early 2018. Join us Monday at Noon at the Locke Foundation as Daren Bakst of the Heritage Foundation explains…
    Donna Martinez, November 7, 2017
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    Cleveland County Agriculture

    Greg Traywick, the Cleveland County Cooperative Extension Director, recently said the the Shelby Star that agriculture contributes nearly $100 million to the county’s economy each year. “Agriculture continues to be a vital part of the county’s economy because people need food and fiber,” Traywick said. “Because we have avoided…
    Sarah Curry, September 5, 2014
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    Leave this man alone! Feds shut down Amish farm for selling fresh milk

    As reported in the Washington Times yesterday: The FDA won its two-year fight to shut down an Amish farmer who was selling fresh raw milk to eager consumers in the Washington, D.C., region after a judge this month banned Daniel Allgyer from selling his milk across state lines…
    Fergus Hodgson, February 14, 2012