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    Fossil fuels will continue to dominate for decades and beyond according to Obama’s DOE

    Despite what President Obama has been telling us about how the corporate welfare sustained solar and wind power industries are the “energy sources of the future,” his own Department of Energy is singing a different tune. The graph below, using DOE projections, tells the story.
    Roy Cordato, July 12, 2013
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    NC Ferry Tolls Increase

    Find the detailed article at: http://www.newsobserver.com/2013/01/12/2602599/board-of-transportation-members.html…
    Sarah Curry, January 14, 2013
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    Troy highlights Obama’s efforts to bypass the legislative process

    While dissecting President Obama’s promotion of Cecilia Muñoz to the job of White House domestic policy adviser, former Bush administration staffer Tevi Troy makes the following observation: Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the Muñoz appointment has nothing to do with Muñoz per se,…
    Mitch Kokai, January 11, 2012
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    Raleigh’s Assault on Food Trucks, Freedom and Jobs

    If you look carefully, at this 1900 photo of Hester Street in New York City, you can see my grandparents, or at least their spirit.  My German grandfather came to America from East Prussia in 1906.  My German grandmother came from one of the Seven Saxon villages in Transylvania…
    Michael Sanera, September 6, 2011
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    Headline from a recent Education Week article: Class-Size Reduction of Limited Value on Achievement Gap, Study Finds North Carolina gets a shout-out in the article. In North Carolina, a pilot program was approved last year that will cut class sizes in middle schools to 17 students as part of…
    Locker Room contributor, February 22, 2008
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    Seg alarmists should look to the Triangle

    Alarmist language was used to full effect yesterday by Democratic presidential candidates and other pundits who seem to think the days of Jim Crow have returned thanks to George Bush’s Supreme Court appointments. The issue that spurred the yelps was the high court ruling yesterday that limits the use…
    Locker Room contributor, June 29, 2007
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    NYT profile of Elizabeth Edwards, helping her husband out on the campaign trail. Get this passage: Mr. Edwards was answering a question about the evolution of his views on foreign policy. “I have more clarity,” he was saying, “ about the specifics of particular issues that affect the rest…
    Sam Hieb, June 18, 2007