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    Greensboro’s not-so-transparent transportation board shakeup

    Rhino Times reports on the Greensboro City Council’s unanimous vote to abolish the Greensboro Transportation Authority and establish the Greensboro Transit Advisory Commission. All fine and good, as editor John Hammer explains the details of an “authority” versus an “advisory commission.” And he throws in a little history–which is…
    Sam Hieb, April 22, 2019
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    Cooper vetoes abortion survivors bill

    Charlotte Oberserver reports Gov. Roy Cooper has vetoed the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which would create civil and criminal penalties for doctors and nurses that do not provide care for newborns surviving abortions. “Laws already protect newborn babies and this bill is an unnecessary interference between doctors and…
    Sam Hieb, April 18, 2019
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    Winston-Salem’s $28 million in capital spending

    At last night’s meeting the Winston-Salem City Council approved $28 million for capital improvements. Renovations to Bowman Gray Stadium is the big-ticket item, with $9 million going toward upgrades in seating, the race track, the football field and concessions. The vote was 7-1, with council member Robert Clark…
    Sam Hieb, April 16, 2019
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    RIP Dwane Powell

    News & Observer reports longtime editorial cartoonist Dwane Powell has died. Powell had been with the paper since 1975, and since the N&O is my hometown newspaper you can pretty much say that I grew up with his unique view of North Carolina politics. Given his left-leaning political…
    Sam Hieb, April 15, 2019
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    Teachers strong-arm Triad school boards

    The boards of both Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools and Guilford County Schools voted to close school on May 1 so teachers can attend the education rally in Raleigh. The GCS board voted unanimously to close school while the WSFCS board voted 7-2. There are five major requests that they will…
    Sam Hieb, April 10, 2019
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    Durham-Orange light rail postmortem

    Every day is a brand new news cycle, both nationally and in North Carolina. And it really doesn’t seem right to kick somebody–or something– when it’s down. However, I think the Antiplanner’s postmortem on the ill-fated Durham-Orange light rail project—entitled Death of a Megafolly– is worth noting: What…
    Sam Hieb, April 9, 2019
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    Mike Causey, Wayne Goodwin speak out on Greg Lindberg

    A couple of interesting stories broke over the weekend regarding the indictment of NC Republican Party head Robin Hayes and businessman Greg Lindberg for trying to use campaign donation to influence Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey —whom JLF chair John Hood said was the hero in this whole sordid mess.
    Sam Hieb, April 8, 2019
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    Greg Lindberg’s political party–the “Green” Party

    I stray from relativity politics–look what our guy did, but look what your guy did, too. By the same token in this day and age of social media it’s important to read beneath every headline. As you can imagine, on social media right now there’s a lot of discussion about…
    Sam Hieb, April 4, 2019